Indians Are NOT Allowed In These Anantapur’s Korean Restaurants & Its Next Level Discrimination


Yes, you read that title right. Indians are NOT allowed in these Anantapur’s ‘Korean’ restaurants. To understand, What, How & Why.. You need to know the full story.

How did it all start?

KIA Motors, South Korea’s second-largest automobile manufacturer, has set up a huge plant near ‘Penukonda’ village.


This was set up as N Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, embracing globalization in the state, welcomed the South Koreans into the nation. He encouraged them to set up their plant saying, “Make our state your second home, we will facilitate everything.

However, what we probably didn’t expect was that the Koreans would acquire a part of Andhra Pradesh and deny Indians to enter their ‘province.’


What is it about?

Soon after the plant was set up, So many restaurants and guesthouses sprung up in the area.


What’s shocking and scary is that, these guesthouses and restaurants do not allow ‘Indians’ to enter. The local residents around the area are also not allowed inside.


Why are we not allowed?

As these lands and restaurants are under Korean’s control now, They simply do not allow any Indian into the restaurants or the guest houses around the KIA motors plant zone.


Setting up exclusively Koreans restaurants on Indian land and denying entry to Indians is clearly discrimination and a violation of constitutional rights.

Their dominance is increasing so rapidly that even the sign boards around the village are written in ‘Korean’ !!


How are they doing it?

They simply pay huge amount of rents (double or the triple amount than the usual Indian would pay), own the land, make their rules, and discriminate.


This is not the first time that such discrimination against Indians has been uncovered. This has been going on for a while now and no action has been taken against this.

This was brought to light by a media channel called, ‘The Wire’ who put up a video of their experience when their reporters tried to enter the restaurant and were denied entry.


Rahul M, A journalist working with the People’s Archive of Rural India, shared his experience on Twitter in March 2018. He went to eat at a Korean restaurant but was not allowed entry into it.


Later he filed a petition and got that restaurant closed.

This is violation of basic constitutional rights. According to Article 15, Businesses cannot discriminate “On grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth.”

Even if a Mini South Korean township is present in Ananthapur, it is still unfair to deny Indians permission to enter restaurants built in ‘India’.

We all should raise our voices and share this piece of important news, let this issue reach the concerned officials.

Watch the video below to get a clearer picture of the issue that the people of Penukonda are dealing with:


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