Meet The Telugu Guy Who Went To USA And Completely Turned His Fate Around!


Those who never forget their mother and mother land are true sons of the soil who really serve their country. Mr Ravinder Thota comes under this category. His rags to riches story will definitely inspire you.

He is from Allampalli which is in the remote forests of Warangal district. When he was 3 years old, he lost his father and his mother raised him. He simply belied that only education can change his fate, which motivated him to put all his efforts on getting a good education. The little boy who did not even have proper footwear began to top every exam that he gave.

He completed his Ph.D in agricultural science and was even invited for a Post doctoral fellow ship in USA. However, his financial situation forced him to join a seed company as a scientist. This was where he got interested in Stockbroking.

In 1992 he married a green card holder which totally changed his life. While he was living in the USA, he observed several people taking trains and going to work for Wall Street. This piqued his interest and he decided to become a Stockbroker. He studied some more, gave his exams and was a stockbroker in 6 months. Once he began selling stocks, he made money and lost money on a regular basis. Each day was a gamble on its own. At a certain point of time, he was in such great debt that he even contemplated suicide as an easy way to get out of it. This was when the thought of his 3 year old son held him back. He did not wish for his son to have to struggle through life. He chose to live for his sons sake.

He then started working in hotels as a clerk at nights and took training in IT. After some basic training, he got placed in an IT company in New York City. That was the turning point in Ravinder’s life. He slowly began to invest some money in real estate and eventually floated an IT company as well. Today he owns several general stores, movie theaters and some more commercial real estate.

His journey from nothing is what keeps him grounded. He constantly reminds himself of the day when he felt his lowest. This is what drives him towards charity. He serves the poor and underprivileged children of Warangal & Adilabad by running several orphanages and schools. His story is a true inspiration that teaches that you should never give up on life.


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