Here’s How This NGO Named ‘Saakshar’ Aims To Change The Way Education Is Dealt With In Our Region!


Though we have always boasted about development in both the telugu states, we often neglect one particular aspect “Education”. Time and again one or the other flaw has turned this into a never ending problem for the governments in both the states. Let it be the fees collected in private schools or the lack of facilities in govt. Schools, children from both sides face issue of their own.

Here’s one such quora read which states the apathy continuing throughout India in government run schools.

The author of this post “Vamsi Krishna Kuda” is also a part of a NGO “Saakshar” which aims to change the way education is dealt with in our regions.


Here’s their FB page:

Saakshar is a non-profit that aims to provide help to uneducated and underprivileged kids and run by BTech students and other volunteers who chipped to help a hand in good cause. In their pilot project 248 children in 5 schools benefited from it so far.

“We are inclined to make children of our area educated. We aim to help and develop the primary education of the deprived majority children, by providing quality education with innovative methodologies.” Says their team.
We surely hope that these stats improve in the coming years and make our education better and brighter for a good future. Also do our bit and contribute to their NGO


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