The Crowd At 1st Day Of IKEA At Hyderabad Was No Less Than Mahishmathi


The wait is over. Finally, the much awaited first ever IKEA store in India opened in Hyderabad. If you don’t know already, IKEA is crazy famous for its unique and innovative marketing and branding techniques. For example, just to let people know that the store is finally open after a long wait, Some empty cartons have been left randomly on the conveyer belt at Rajiv Gandhi Airport. Turns out that they are all empty, have been placed there just to get noticed by the people.

And IKEA also had some other crazy interesting marketing campaigns, one of them includes a VR ride through the Hyderabad city.


So of course, after all these exciting campaigns the customer count is expected to be high. And this video shows us an overview of the crowd that was present at Day-1 of IKEA.



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