IIT Hyderabad’s First Ever Astronomical Observatory & Here’s What You Need To Know About It

Mana Hyderabad lo anni unnai kani oka pedha public astronomical observatory ledhu kadha mawa anukunnam, but ippudu manaki ah worry ledhu, interest unna students nunchi passion unna people varaku andhariki availability undali ani mana IIT-Hyderabad Kandi campus lo Independence Day Celebrations lo first public astronomical observatory with large telescope ni launch chesaru..

Key features of the Telescope

1. It is the second largest telescope in IIT’s dedicated to outreach after IIT-Kanpur.

2. The 14-inch telescope with an optical mirror of 355 mm and focal length of 1,650 mm would not only allow amateur astronomical observations, but also provide research quality images for potential discoveries..

3. Recorded images and data will be useful to support astronomical research.

4. Large mirror size provides a detailed view of the night sky.

IIT Hyderabad Director Professor, BS Murty garu said that..

Ee large telescope valla chala mandi young students ki manchi opportunity create chesinattu avthundi, celestial objects medha interest unna students ki detailed study kosam idhi chala use avthundi.. Activities such as stargazing training programmes, observing astronomical transients, working with celestial images will enhance their knowledge, add to their sense of human connection with space.. “

Major Astronomical Discoveries

Superior quality images and ee observatory nunchi vache data kuda national and international researchers ki serve chesthundi, dhini valla mana IIT Hyderabad collaborations tho major astronomical discoveries avvadam tho paatu Indian astronomy lo oka recognised centre ga use avthundi..

Physics assistant professor and Manager of this facility, Mayukh Pahari garu said that..

“Unlike other observatories designed for the outreach programme, our facility will provide a chance to work with high-quality astronomical images from deep sky objects as well as transient events so that school/college students may have opportunities to contribute to the astronomical research,”

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