Say Hi To YouTube’s New Competitor – ‘IGTV’, A New App For Vertical Videos


Social media is a crazy competitive place. Both the creators and the users are in a weird rush to explore new platforms. Especially, one man, we need to talk about here is Mark Zuckerberg. He had Facebook. He took over WhatsApp first, then slowly onto Instagram, and now coming up newly with IGTV, a streaming platform that is supposed to be a competition for YouTube.

What Is IGTV?

Yesterday, at an event in San Fransisco, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom launched this new app which will allow users to upload videos up to 1-hour length (yes, you read that right.), along with the old 1-minute format videos too. This app is accessible from both, a direct buttom inside the Instagram home screen and a separate standalone app.

What is new in IGTV?

Vertical Videos. Yes, finally the developers have realized that the future belongs to mobile videos. From now on you don’t have to rotate your phone to watch videos. “It’s time for video to move forward, and evolve. IGTV is for watching long-form videos from your favorite creators.” said Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom onstage at the event.

Features – How does the app work?

1. Anyone can a be a creator. (except smaller, and new accounts)

2. You will be able to upload vertical videos from the app or website.

3. For now, only prerecorded videos are accepted. You can’t go live.

No ADs:

The best thing about this app, for now is, NO ADs. As of now, if you use the app, you can enjoy the seamless streaming of videos without any ADs.

We have to wait and see that, if this app has potential to beat YouTube or not. What do you say ?


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