If ‘Holi’ Was A Person & Your Best Friend, Here’s What He’d Behave Like


Contributed by Hitheesha

We all have our memories with the day of holi. Water splashes, running on the streets all through the day, we’ve had the day treasured beautifully in our minds. But what if holi actually turns out to be a human being? More than that, our best friend?


1. Morning person

I’m pretty sure holi would be annoyingly active morning person. Like I’d be laying on my bed dreaming of my lazy day and wondering if i had to get out of my ved if i order in food, but there would be this amazing human holi who’d be loud and annoying yet happiest person who’s planning on trecking at 5 AM. and guess what, he had to be the sweetest and drag me along with him. -_-

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2. Hyperactive

Human holi is that little being who assumes people to be his oxygen. Like he isn’t gonna hesitate to invite your brother’s bestfriend’s third cousin to watch in a movie. Just cause he was bored. Eh human holi ki andaru telsina valle, andaru bestfriends ae.

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3. Clumsy Cutie

Human holi would be the clumsiest person ever. Like you could’ve cleaned abd organised the entire room, home building and even whole city but he could just touch abd its messy all over again.

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4. Pichkari

Human holi is that friend who you shouldn’t trust any secrets with. He’s known for his outbursts.At any cost in any situation. Like you could be having lunch with your aunt and then our cutest human holi would come in and be like “aunty curry lo salt ekkuva esesaru” and there you’d just be thinking like…”god made him purely honest”. Lopala daachukodam alavate ledu sir ki.

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5. Healthy Hooman

Ok this has to be true at any cost. Human holi would be such a healthy person. Like he’d be running, jumping, doing every energy consuming activity and even at the end of it he’d be the most active person in world with no hint if tiredness. And then there’s me who’d walk out of my room and feel exhausted for life.

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6. Foodie

Human holi is like that one person who actually believes in love for food. He’d be a great fan of sweets. He’d never get tired of eating and guess what? You’d be invested with sweets too cuz he’s all about sharing. However it’s understood that it doesn’t matter even if you’re full.

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7. Sunshine

Whatever he is, human holi is a ray of sunshine. So pure that even rain over it feels like festival. He’s so soulful that he’d encourage everyone to connect without barriers of region, religion, gender. He’s not only about fun and glory but also about spreading love. Even to animals, who deserve to be treated good no matter what

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