Dear ICAI Please Change: Why Are CA Students Protesting Against ICAI Exams?


Asal etuvanti problems lekunda, Normal ga CA exams pass avvatame entha kashtamo manaki andariki baga telsu.. Alantidi, CA students are facing their one of the worst situations in the recent days.



What is that problem?

Errors/ Mistakes in the evaluation of their exam papers.

Ante, ICAI is allegedly ‘moderating’ the results of exams. Inka clear ga cheppali ante, MCQ questions lo kuda, Correct ga answer cheste kuda, ‘FUll’ marks ivatledhu.

The CA course consists of 3 major stages,

1. CA Foundation
2. Intermediate level
3. Final level.

Students are saying that, The institute is deliberately tampering the results in second and third stage of exams just to suit and moderate their passing percentage.

Ante, Oka pass percantage intha undali ani mudhe fix ayyi, target ga petkoni, daanni minchakunda, students ni fail chestunnaru.

Mari intha jarugutunte, Deeniki against ga, Neeraj Arora ani, A Delhi based famous CA educator, Uploaded a video on YouTube, explaining how students are suffering because of unfair evaluations of ICAI.. And requested the students to join a ‘sit-in’ protest infront of ICAI Delhi campus, Demanding for a fair evaluation process.


The protest: #DearICAIPleaseChange

Ala oka city lo chinna ga start aina ee protest, Ippudu gatha 3 days ga, All over India spread ayyindi.. More than 200 students are protesting all across India in various cities.









Ila mana country lo various cities lo aina ee protest lo, CA students ye kakunda, Chaala mandhi professional and famous CAs, Lecturers, kuda join ayyaru, To support the students’ cause.

What are the demands of students?

1. Re-Correction

2. Provide students a ‘right to avail re-evaluation’ of their answer papers.

3. Provide a copy of the question booklet and answers to students, who have requested a copy of their answer papers. Till date, ICAI provides only the copies of the descriptive answers written by the students in exams and not of the answers to MCQs in exams.

4. Penalise the evaluators and examiners if they make mistakes while correcting answer papers.

5. Allow students to darken the circles on OMR sheets in exams with pens. Students have alleged that pencil marks get erased while transporting and handling the answer sheets.

6. Enable centralised evaluation of CA answer sheets. The system in place at present involves sending bundles of answer papers to any personal address provided by the examiners by post and getting the papers evaluation.


Recently, Rahul Gandhi came forward and tweeted in support of the CA Students:


Why is all this relevant & Important now?

Naaku entho mandhi CA students best friends unnaru. Vaallani oka age lo life lo motham books patkoni chaduvtune chusaa.. Vaallu CAfinal exam 2 times fail kuda ayyaru, Okasari just 8 marks difference tho, Okasari just 5 marks difference tho.. A lot of their friends went into depression and a few of them actually attempted suicide. Indulo asal ye matram vaalla thappu ledhu. Veellu ikkada rasina exam paper ni, Akkada ekkadoo Delhi lo, Evaro reckless ga, careless ga, correct chesi, Ishtam ochinattu marks iste. Ah marks chusi, “Nenu failure” ani decide ayyi, CA quit aina vaallu chaala mandhi unnaru. Emo, Asal vaallu andaru nijam gane fail ayyaraa..? Avvledhaa? Veella lo entha mandhi, ICAI silly rules ki bali ayyaru… Idantha imagine cheskuntene chala badha ga undi.

Students life tho matram aadukovadhu, please. And Dear ICAI Please Change.


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