This Hyderabad Techie Sets Up Covid War Room, Raised Over Rs 50 Lakh & Helps Over 1,400 in 6 weeks

Covid patients kosam fund raising nunchi oxygen beds arranging dhaka, medicines nunchi plasma dhaka covid related eh doubts and needs unna ee Covid War Room (CWR) ki intimate chesthe chalu ika valle manalni mundhu undi nadipistharu..

Mana Hyderabad IIIT current and ex students andharu kalisi ee covid second wave needy vallaki help cheyali ane manchi intention tho oka group ga form ayi ee Covid War Room (CWR) ni create chesaru..

27 year old Karamchati Sriharsha, an alumnus (IIIT-Hyderabad) and founder of tech start up Questbook. It was his idea to set up a Covid war room to help those in need and initiated through crowd sourcing data and finances, including helping with hospital beds, oxygen, medicines or blood.

Last 6 weeks nunchi Sriharsha and thana friends group ga form ayi around 1400 calls ni attend chesi over Rs 50 lakh fund raise chesi needy vallaki donate chesaru.

Around 500 volunteers 12 different time zones nunchi continuous ga work cheyadam valla Covid War Room chala mandiki use avthu success ayindi, volunteers and fund raising lo transparency and effective communication undadam tho across world lo unna donors andharni attract chesindi.

Sriharsha garu said that:

Kanisam oka life ni ayina save cheyalane intention tho ee Covid War Room start chesam, critical stage lo unna patients mental load ni thisesthu valla anni problems ni remote assistance through solve chesthu vallaki kavalsina needs and funds ni provide cheyadame maa basic purpose..

The volunteers verified information in the data bank managed by the backend team of IIITH alumni and scholars Mohit Jain and Sudhir Yarram, checked availability and relayed it to the attendants of patients.

Social media platforms and WhatsApp groups tho plasma, medicines, oxygen and ventilator beds availability ni thelusukuntu needy vallaki spread chese vallu..

 “The war room has a team of doctors for remote consultation, a pharmacy college students team, hospital owners as well as IAS and IPS  officers who are our final line of defence, when all else fails,” said Apoorva Srivastava, a 2nd year IIIT-H student.

Different places and countries lo settle ayina college alumni students team ga form ayi call center set up chesi Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities and villages including Ajmer, Bhopal, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Telugu states districts lo unna needy people ni follow up chesthu undevallu..

The entire batch of volunteers is divided into 12 subgroups based on regions of origin of requests and their nature. Separate groups handle requests for oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, blood plasma, blood units, hospital beds, ICUs, and ventilators.

Saisree Simhadri, an MBBS graduate from Gandhi Medical College Hyderabad and team member of CWR said that:

Memu intlo isolation lo untunna mild and moderate covid patients ni tele-consultation tho treatment provide chese vallam, rural areas lo doctors and diagnostic centers sarriga lekapovadam valla akkada nunchi ekkuva calls vasthu undevi, vallani panic cheyakunda matladuthu proper guidance ni provide chesevallam, okavela serious unte kuda memu mundhe hospital and bed availability chuskoni intimate chesi shift chese vallam..

Yakobu K, a daily wage worker who benefited through CWR said that:

Maa 11 month old daughter ki covid positive vachindi, maa dhagara treatment ki saripade money leni time lo ee CWR team vallu mundhuku vachi social media dhwara funds raise chesthu Rs 2 lakh ni collect chesi papa ki treatment cheyincharu, ippudu maa papa discharge ayi chala healthy ga undi.. Tharvatha CWR team vallu inko vere child kosam funds raise chethunte naa vanthuga nenu kuda Rs 1000 donate chesanu..

Around 2000 requests vasthe vaatilo more than 60 percent success rate tho 1700 requests ni process chesam, “At any given time, at least 100 of the 500-strong volunteer team is online.”

The Covid war room is available on 6304296587

Instagram: Sriharsha Karamchati

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