Having Problem With Sleeping On Time? This Hyderabad Health Startup Made A Product That Helps You Sleep Better

I think we can all unanimously agree that we live in a generation where most people are sleep-deprived. While work life and social life took the main roads in our life, maintaining a sleep cycle went on sideways. But we also live in a generation that has a solution to every problem.

Archana Chindam

Laurik, a Hyderabad-based startup that deals with skincare, haircare, and overall health has launched its new product Laurik Bites. These bites help in giving a good sleep. It majorly focuses on 3 categories. Gut, sleep, and focus. They aim on helping 10-12 million millennials across the country in the next 3 years.

Ee generation needs ki cater chesthu… fast results without any harmful effects on the body in a long run concept tho ee company ni iddharu very capable women entrepreneurs 2020 April lo ee nutritional startup start chesaru. Lavanya Sunkari and Archana Chindam. The women behind making this company.

Laurik Expands Product Portfolio, Launches 'Laurik Bites' to Improve Sleep,  Focus, and Gut Health

Lavanya 14 years nunchi pedda pedda multinational national companies lo work chesi, human body workings midha tana interest ni acknowledge chesindhi. Harvard, Stanford inka American Council of Exercise (ACE) lo multiple courses chesi nutrition expert ga certify aiyyaru.

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Ee journey lo meanwhile tana fitness journey ni start chesi, natural products benefits ni discover chesaru. One day, tana friend/entrepreneur Archana Chindam tho ee natural products mana fitness journey ni entha enhance chestundho discuss chesthu, business venture idea ki first step tiskunnaru.

Fowl is Fair | The Innovators - Nation News - Issue Date: Dec 31, 2018

2020 lo official ga start chesina Laurik, initially haircare inka skincare midha work chesthu… ee generation ki unna issue, sleep deprivation ni cater chesthu.. Laurik Bites ni introduce cheyyadam jarigindhi.

Funding Alert] Laurik Bags Rs 37 mn in the Ideation Stage

Lauric acid, ane oka chala rare substance ee product making lo use chestaru. Ee substance mainly mother’s milk lo, coconut lo inka palm trees lo untayi… Ee substance and all natural ingredients tho Lauric Bites ni prepare chestharu. Micronutrients and minerals, food form lo undada tho, absorption levels kuda high untayi.

World's 1st Laurik Shots for Skin, Hair, Collagen and Anti-Ageing –  Lauriko.com

The product is now all ready to get patented. We love this product does help people with insomnia.

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