List of Hyderabadi’s Who Made It To The Asia Edition, Forbes-30 Under 30 List & Their Stories


“All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

Mana telugu vallu 6 members different categories lo 2020 Asia Edition, Forbes-30 Under 30 lo place sampadincharu, have a look for their innovative thinking and success stories.



Premkumar Vislawath cofounder of Marut Drones.


Em chesaru…?

Lake water medha unde mosquitos ni arikattadaniki vellu oka drone ni develop chesaru.


Special enti…?

It is the India’s first drone technology to eradicate mosquito larvae and water hyacinths, Artificial intelligence tho mosquito density and larvae count ni predict chesthu, location, gender, species ni base cheskoni mosquito maps ni kuda create chesthadi, and malaria, dengue and chikungunya lanti diseases rakunda analytics ni base cheskuni high and low risk areas ni identify chesi manaki real time reports kuda isthundi, one day lo 6.7 hectares ni cover chese capacity undi, ippatike Marut Drones Hyderabad lo 4,230 hectares lakes ni cover chesaru.



Vihari Kanukollu cofounder of UrbanKisaan.


UrbanKisaan ante…?

UrbanKisaan eh pesticides lekunda indoor vertical farming chesthu vachina ah produce ni subscriptions and walk in basis dhwara retail consumers ki ammutharu.


Em speciality velladhi..?

Ikkada plants soil lo kakunda vertical hydroponic environment method ni follow avthu water lo mineral nutrient solutions ni use chesthu grow chestharu, Traditional farming tho compare chesthe UrbanKisaan produce uses 95% less water while it’s crops get 30 times more yield.



Sandeep Bommireddi cofounder of Adonmo


Adonmo ante…?

Idhi advertisers kosam unna oka adtech startup company.


Special enti…?

Outdoor audience ni ads ki attract cheyadaniki vellu car toppers medha oka digital screen ni set chesi based on time and location ads ni display chesthu advertise chestharu.

Example: Time and location ki thaggattuga restaurants valla dishes ni explore chesthu ads ivvachuu.



Ashwin Mocherla cofounder of ThickShake factory.


ThickShake factory ante…?

It is the outdoor retailer, anni rakala milkshakes ni thayaru chestharu..


Special enti….?

Middle class vallaki anni rakala milkshakes ni affordable price ki ivvali anedhe ThickShake factory main aim, India lo around 125 outlets tho more than 7 million customers ki serve chesaru, It was awarded QSR (quick service restaurant) of the year by retailers association india, and ila chala food service awards vachai.



Pawan Chandana cofounder of the Skyroot Aerospace.


Skyroot Aerospace ante…?

Skyroot Aerospace will builds the space rockets


Enti special…?

Skyroot is the first privately held company for space rockets in India, It plans to launch its first rocket in 2021 to put commercial satellites into space. Pawan dhinki mundhu Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) lo systems engineer ga work chesevaru, akkada work chesina colleagues tho ee Skyroot ni sthapincharu.



Sukhendra Rompally cofounder of Chezuba.


Chezuba ante…?

Chezuba is the online volunteering platform that allows users to connect with NGOs and contribute without having to be at the site physically.


Special enti…?

After two years of operations, Chezuba has matched some 1300 online projects with tasks such as social media, graphic design and translations, ippatike ee platform dhwara 38 countries nunchi 3000 NGOs and 103 countries nunchi around 60000 volunteers work chesaru. This includes facilitating corporate volunteering initiatives for companies like Tata Group and Cognizant. Chezuba was one of the Top 100 startups at Startup Istanbul 2018 and one of the top five social impact startups at Toe Global Summit 2018.


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