Global Top 50 Lo Mana Teacher: Meet The Hyderabadi Teacher Who Is Now Among The Top 50 In The World

Intlo manam parents chepindi ayina vintamo ledho kani school lo teachers chepindi mathram vinalsindhe, manaki vere option kuda ledhu anukondi adhi vere vishayam.. Mana life achievements lo mana parents tho paatu mana teachers ki kuda same important role undi, mari antha key role play chese mana teachers ki recognition anedhi chala avasaram..

Now, our two Indian teachers will be recognized for their work as they are currently listed among the top 50 teachers globally. Satyam Mishra, A Mathematics teacher from Bhagalpur, Bihar, is one of the teachers featured in the top 50 list. At the same time, a teacher from our city Meghana Musunuri makes it to the list and becomes the first to be shortlisted from India.

Can win the $1million(7.35 Cr) Global Teacher Prize

Mana ee idharu Indian teachers ippudu top 10 lo kuda shortlist ayi best teacher in the world award vasthe around 7.35 Cr ($1million) Global Teacher Prize ni win avtharu. The winners will be chosen by the Global Teacher Prize Academy and felicitated at an award ceremony in Paris in November

Hyderabadi Teacher Meghana Musunuri

Meghana Musunuri garu mana Hyderabad Miyapur loni Fountainhead Global School & Junior College ki founder and chairperson kuda, and she is not just a teacher of social, science, and mathematics but is also a philanthropist and a person who is an education futurist and is quite keen on contributing to society.

Selection process lo education sector tho paatu thana social services ni kuda consider chesaru, recent ga Meghana garu and her school team has worked towards reviving the Meedi Kunta Lake.

8,000 nominations and applications from 121 countries

Gulf based firm Varkey Foundation vallu UNESCO tho partnership ayi every year ee Global Best Teacher awards conduct chestharu, ee year around 8,000 nominations and 121 countries nunchi applications vachai, intha mandi lo mana India nunchi ee idharu teachers top 50 lo shortlist ayaru..

Sunny Varkey, Founder of Varkey Foundation said to a report that.. “All our tomorrows can be protected by making education a priority. Education is the key to face the future with confidence.

UNESCO partnership.

Stefania Giannini, Assistant director general for education at UNESCO, said that.. “UNESCO is a proud partner of the Global Teacher Awards, which has done much to highlight the transformative role of teachers in the lives of young people. Inspiring teachers and exceptional students alike deserve recognition for their commitment to education.”

Its like a Noble prize to the teachers.

Meghana Musunuri garu said to a report that.. ” Maa teachers pette efforts ki pedhaga recognition undadhu, world wide ga examine chesi iche ee Global Teacher Award anedhi maaku Noble prize lantidi, global range lo top 50 lo nenu undadam naku chala happy ga undi, next month Paris lo jarige top 10 ceremony lo kuda undali ani korukuntunna.. “

Stefania Giannini, assistant director general for education at UNESCO, said

Varkey Foundation in partnership with UNESCO. The award received over 8,000 nominations and applications from 121 countries. In which teacher Meghna Musunuri has made it to the top 50 shortlist. Sunny Varkey, Founder, Varkey Foundation, said, “All our tomorrows can be protected by making education a priority. Education is the key to face the future with confidence.” Apart from Meghna Musunuri, a teacher from Hyderabad, Satyam Mishra, a mathematics teacher from Bihar Bhagalpur, is also in the top 50 shortlist.

she said that her school has worked towards reviving the Meedi Kunta Lake and that’s a significant contribution

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