Meet The 18-Year-Old Hyderabadi Who Has Designed A Software That Helps In Detecting Skin Cancer!


Hyderabad based teenagers come up with unique software which can detect skin cancer at early stages. Siddharth Mandala who was known for the Electro shoe, an anti-rape footwear, collaborated with Praneet Sah to write this software. They made it in association with Dr.A.S.Kumar from Apollo Hospitals. This technology is going to make it easy to detect malignant melanoma in early stages very easily and becomes handy for all the health care centres in remote locations.

This program can detect malignant melanoma by using just their phone camera. When the camera feed is live streamed into the PC, it will detect whether it is malignant melanoma or not by using this software. The program’s image recognition and algorithms detect the difference between a normal tissue and cancer affected tissue by understanding their colour and tissue patterns. Their main objective is to make the process of cancer detection as simple as it can be. Though, it doesn’t follow the patterns of traditional expensive detecting systems, it does fairly detect the malignant melanoma in early stages. Started as a fun project to kill their time in summer, it hardly took them two months to finish this project.

This whole project began when Siddharth was doing a summer internship under Dr.A.S.Kumar from Apollo Hospitals. He then shared this idea with Praneet Sah who went on to write the code for this program. After the whole code is done, Siddharth started debugging and then showed it Dr.A.S.Kumar who approved after making a few changes in it. During the Ashoka Program that they attended in Bangalore they made a prototype of this. This software which is under the process of final reviewing is going to be available for free to the masses.

Their effort and the idea behind this software is sure worth all the applaud they are receiving. Siddharth, who is working on other projects right now, says they’ll be of the same order. Praneet Sah is currently pursuing his under graduation from University of California.


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