You Must Checkout This Amazing Story Of How These “40 Hyderabadi Families” Left The City To Build A Self-Sustaining Village!

Would you be able to leave behind the comforts that a city provides and move to a far off place just to be close to nature? Seems like a dream we all want to live but are too afraid to try right?. While we all sit here thinking about how we want to do that, 40 families from Hyderabad have decided to actually do something about it. They moved to the outskirts of the city and formed an eco-friendly community and made it self-sustainable.


Away from the concrete jungle, noise, pollution, and technology, they live in an area where the air is not polluted by the traffic and the food is not contaminated by the pesticides. It’s been 4 years that they formed this community in Aziz Nagar and started cultivating their own fruits and vegetables. This community of 70 members live in eco-friendly homes made of recycled bamboo. They call their community as “Ru-Urban” society.


It all initially began for their love towards nature. All the like minded people came together and collectively took this decision of building up this community. Their sheer passion and strong desire to preserve nature have been the driving force. After deciding to move there, they realized that producing their own food was the key to making it self-sustainable. They make their own food and also rear cattle that help in their farming. They produce nontoxic food by rearing native breeds of cattle. They now have about 45 cows and over 30 goats. They also breed chicken and ducks which are rescued from slaughter houses. All the homes are fitted with rooftop solar panels. They produce around 0.8 mega watts energy per hour, thereby making them energy sufficient. This urban farm is providing employment to more than 400 nearby villagers.


People living at this place expressed their contentment on living in a place that’s close to nature. It was the desire to live in harmony with nature that has brought them all together says the co-founder of this community Mr. G. Rajendra Kumar. The quality of life also gets better when you live in peace. We must say that these families started a new trend in urban lifestyle that is sure to catch the eye of many residents who are tired of this concrete jungle.


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