7 Different Types Of Chai You Should Definitely Try In Hyderabad


Who says Chai is supposed to be mixed only with milk and sugar? This new vocabulary of chai will change your perception of Chai for sure. Here’s a list of “different chais” that one must definitely try when in Hyderabad.


1. Cutting Chai
Hot tea. Like Really HOT. Like active-volcano-in-hell kind of hot.

cutting chai


2. Double Malai
Irani chai with extra malai. Because, hey! What’s chai without a little indulgence?

malai-tea (1)


3. Khada Chammach
So much sugar at the bottom that the spoon can stand upright. Yes, genius. That’s why the name.

khade chammach


<4. Sulaimani/Ghava
This chai has dates and black pepper in it. Cool eh?

Sulaimani Tea4


5. Pouna
Milk, hell lo to of sugar and loads of cream in the tea. Who cares about diabetes, when you have chai!



6. Golden Chai
This golden colored chai is the new trend in twin cities.


7. Pudhina Chai
Flavored with “Pudhina” and garnished with its leaves on the top, this is a new entry to the list.


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