7 Things Hyderabad Traffic Police Do To Win Our Hearts!

Against all the stereotyping of the movies and the preconceived notions of the public, Hyderabad Traffic Police somehow rose above and claimed the love and appreciation of everyone. These are some of the things that they often do which Chai Bisket thought need to be treasured and applauded!

1. When they make it a point to wish people on important days.

traffic exams - Chai Bisket traffic exams 2  - Chai Bisket

2. The times when they voluntarily help children and elders cross busy roads.

HelpCrossRoad - Chai Bisket HelpCrossingRoad - Chai Bisket

3. When they stand strong in the wildest of weathers to handle the traffic.

weather - Chai Bisket

4. When every grievance or complaint even if it’s just a comment on Facebook is addressed and solved promptly.

traffic-5(1) - Chai Bisket

5. The times they have to get their hands dirty so that we have a convenient drive.

traffic  - Chai Bisket

6. When they appreciate and acknowledge the public’s traffic discipline.

traffic5 - Chai Bisket

7. Every time they post a traffic update that helps us pick a route.

traffic 7 - Chai Bisket

To get familiar about all the good work, traffic updates, and road information and the swag of Hyderabadi Traffic Police, this is their page on Facebook.


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