Hyderabad Traffic Police To Be Supplied With “Cool Jackets” To Beat The Scorching Sun!


As the temperatures in Hyderabad show no sign of lowering with the mercury levels reading 42-43°C on average, normal citizens are struggling to stay outdoors even for an hour. If that is the plight of us, what about the Traffic Police who stand in that heat all day and manage the vehicles? In order to save the Traffic personnel from the dangers of extreme heat, the Hyderabad Police Department has come up with an innovative idea which is being called “Cool Jacket”.


traffic police 1

This vest will help the officer wearing it to experience temperatures which are 6-12 degrees lesser than the actual temperature for 5-7 hours at once. The functioning of the vest is also quite simple as anyone has to do is dip the vest in water once and the cooling effect will stay for the next 5-7 hours.

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According to Traffic Joint Commissioner Of Police, Dr. Ravinder, the vest also called as “cool jacket” will help the officers to maintain their health while also doing their job without much problems. Currently 200 of these have been handed out to the city’s Traffic personnel to test and receive feedback from them about the working of the vests. If it turns out to be positive, we will be seeing our city Traffic Police in a new avatar.


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