Hyderabad Traffic Police Comes Up With Smart Ways Of Road Safety – Unveils Ideas At Traffic InfraTech Expo!


Increasing traffic in Hyderabad has become the prime issue and the root cause for many accidents in and around the city. But widening of roads or building new roads can only reduce this for certain extent. It results in doubling of road accidents and parking problems. Technologically smart solutions to reduce them have been discussed in the 6th Edition of the International Traffic InfraTech Expo. The expo has over 120 national and International exhibitors from Australia, Belgium, Finland, China, Germany, UAE, UK, USA and India. The participants showcased the latest products and systems on road safety, parking, road marketing, road construction, highway security, traffic simulation etc.

The highlight of the show stood the special Innovation Zone for start-up companies with new parking and traffic solutions. As parking has become a major issue in the city, mini rotary system was proposed. The plan is to construct rotaries in which 14 cars can be parked in an area where 3 cars are parked now. Another method of tower parking is under review, which if works 60 cars can be parked in the same area.

On the National Highways, the iron bars on the either sides of the road will be replaced with ‘Rolling Barriers’ whose plastic barriers when collided would reduce the damage to the vehicle. Another system of wireless traffic signals is proposed. With increasing traffic, the duration of the signals is increased automatically. All these technologies from world countries would be introduced on our roads for as a smart way to safety.
Also, 500 accident prone areas were noticed on National Highways and steps are being taken to eradicate them. The session on Railways as the Mobility backbone of the future will touch upon the next-gen solutions for the railways. The event ends on Friday, September 15.


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