Hyderabad Tops The List of Emerging Financial Destinations In Asia-Pacific Region!

Hyderabad yet again proved why this city is the golden goose of our economy.
In a recent investigation by Cushman & Wakefield, an American real estate company, stated that Hyderabad tops the list of emerging investment destinations in Asia and is the most viable place for strategic investments and sustained long term growth.

In a recent study by the real-estate giants, “Betting on Asia Pacific Next Core Cities” has revealed a list of top 10 Asian cities (Tier2) with potential market growth and economic stability out of which 6 Indian cities have made it into the list.

Using their key strategies and growth indication tools like proprietary tool, strategic location indicator (SLI) and selected the best next core emerging markets in Asia Pacific regions.

But What is SLI:

Here’s The Complete list of Next Core Cities.
1. Hyderabad.
2. Bangkok.
3. Manila.
4. Guangzhou
5. Shenzhen
6. Bengaluru.
7. Mumbai.
8 .Pune.
9. Chennai.
10. New Delhi

With the Global Economy suffering from Trump Administration, Brexit and Chinese economies war with labor, this is sure setting things up for our economy which sure looks bright and strong.

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