This Hyderabad Start-Up Is Purifying Contaminated Fruits & Vegetables – All By Just Using Water!


The food we eat today is highly contaminated. From wax on apples and artificial colours on fruits & vegetables to pesticide contamination, everything has been ‘altered’ in the name of giving out a better product. But the result has always been a sad one. With many people moving onto organic food, doubts have risen on the quality of this organic food as well.

To deal with this, a Hyderabad-based startup named Purin Technologies has come up with a unique idea. Purin has built an algorithm that purifies fruits and vegetables up to 95%. Interestingly, there are no chemicals used in this process, and all it takes for the purification is nothing but water. The algorithm has been built on the lines of photosynthesis – where the key factors used for this process are light, water and ozone.

The vegetables are placed inside the purifying machine. Once switched on, the process takes about 25-34 minutes. The control board of the machine it has built gives currents at appropriate times based on what’s being purified. This process releases external contaminants at a molecular level, making the food product 95% pure. Director of Purin Technologies, Koshal Yerramshetty says that “the process brings the food product back to its more natural state, thus making it healthier and helping it last longer”. The process is USFDA and FSSAI certified.

Purin has its own manufacturing unit in Patancheru. The startup is currently into purifying fruits, vegetables. Also, it purifies meat (chicken for now), which the company claims, cooks 40% faster and tastes better as well. Purin currently operates in the B2B and B2C segment with operations currently in Hyderabad.

For its B2C segment, it has an e-commerce website, an app. Besides, it also takes orders over the phone. It also has a retail store in Hyderabad where it sells its purified food products. For the B2B segment, it has about 10 clients which are mostly restaurants and hostel canteens. It supplies everything from salt to squid for these clients. Purin is currently purifying 500kgs of food products a day.

Purin plans on opening 25 more retail stores across India and is now looking to raise funds to fund its grand expansion plans – all in the name of better health!

Source: TheNewsMinute

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