Hyderabad NGO Launches ‘Horn Not Ok Please’ To Bring Down Sound Pollution!

Horn – the thing that is easy to reach and acts like a lifeline for impatient, senseless people. We have all been put to abuse by a honking car or a motorcycle that tries to overtake our vehicle but fails to or honks at us when the signal is red. Sound pollution is real and it’s more imposing where there is a school or a hospital in the surroundings. Many countries see unnecessary use of horn as a crime. Our country, on the other hand, lets autos use a bus horn or vice versa, which leads to confusion and worse, accidents. So an organization named CII – Young Indians is trying to do something about it.
Its new campaign ‘Horn Not Ok Please’ is an attempt at reducing the frequency of horn honking, in hopes that it would make transit peaceful. Great idea, right? They also dedicated a website ‘yipledge.com’ and an android app ‘nhop’ for this purpose. We can use the app to record the decibel levels and post in on social media. What’s more great is the fact that Telangana’s IT Minister KTR is supporting this campaign, saying that he would do all he could to make it is success. Other government officials are also coming forward in help.

“Acche din?” Let’s not get carried away.

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