Here Is The List Of Do’s And Don’ts One Must Follow While Travelling In Hyderabad Metro!


With the launch date nearing Hyderabad Metro is gearing up for its very first run. The Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) will be open to the common public from 28th of November travelling from Miyapur to Nagole. This 30 km stretch will be the very first metro project in both the Telugu states and will be inaugurated by honourable P.M. Modi.
Three weeks away from the inauguration the officials have now put out a list of do’s and don’ts that one must follow while travelling in metro trains.


Here’s the Full List of All the Do’s and Don’ts
• Do use bins to dispose items and help us keep Metro rail premises clean.
• Do listen carefully to all announcements while you are inside Metro rail premises.
• Do contact our Customer Service team or our station staff at any Metro stations for assistance.
• Do inform our staff if you see any activity inside Metro rail premises that can compromise passenger safety or can damage life and property.
• Do cooperate with our staff during security checks.
• Do be polite and courteous with our staff and fellow passengers at all times.
• Do look in front while boarding escalators and climbing stairways.
• Do always carry your luggage with you inside Metro rail premises.
• Do vacate Metro train premises after you have reached your destination.
• Do hold the handrail, face the moving direction, stand on the left side of the escalator and stay still till you have reached your destination.
• Do assist elderly and differently-abled passengers, women and children while boarding and off-boarding the Metro train.
• Do use elevators to carry baby buggies and wheelchairs to the platform level.
•Do move away from the escalator immediately after use.
•Do form a queue at ticket counters, ticket vending machines, AFC gates and while boarding the Metro train to avoid unnecessary commotion.
• Do display valid tokens and smart card for inspection whenever requested by Metro Rail staff. Ticketless travel is a punishable offence.
• Do promptly evacuate the Metro Rail premises in case of an emergency announcement.
• Do allow passengers inside the Metro train to exit before boarding the train.
• Do mind the gap between the platform and the Metro train while boarding and disembarking the train.
• Do travel with a valid token or smart card.


• Do not spit or litter in Metro rail premises. Chewing tobacco and /or pan is prohibited inside our premises.
• Do not smoke or drink alcohol inside Metro rail premises.
• Photography is prohibited inside Metro rail premises.
• Do not leave your belongings or luggage unattended inside Metro rail premises.
• Do not squat inside Metro rail premises or inside the Metro train.
• Do not consume food and beverages inside Metro trains.
• Pets are not allowed inside Metro rail premises.
• Hazardous and inflammable items are prohibited inside Metro rail premises.
• Do not carry excess luggage on Metro trains.
• Do not sit, lean or obstruct escalators.
• Do not cross the yellow line in the platform area while waiting for the train.
• Do not try to open the train doors forcefully or lean on them while travelling on the Metro train.
• Do not rush while boarding or alighting the Metro train
• Do not let your child wander inside Metro rail premises. Hold him/her firmly while you are inside Metro rail premises.
• Do not get too close to the overhead wires.
• Carrying firearms without necessary security approval, inside Metro rail premises, is strictly prohibited.
• Do not tread on the tactile path which is meant for the visually impaired.
• Do not jump over the AFC (automated) gates. Please use a valid token or smart card to pass through the gates.
• Do not use or attempt to use any emergency communication with the train driver without reasonable and sufficient cause, such a medical emergency or some event that could cause harm to life and property.
• Hawkers are prohibited in Metro rail premises.
• Do not board or alight a Metro train when the automated doors are about to close.
• Do not use a ticket for more number of journeys on a Metro train than permitted as it will be treated as ticketless travel.
• Do not put up notices without lawful approval.
• Defacing Metro rail premises or trains is a punishable offence.
• Do not tamper any safety device and/or endanger the safety of passengers or obstruct Metro trains.
• Do not share your smart card or token with a co-passenger.


In other recent developments over the metro rail, Chief Minister KCR garu has instructed to rename the Kukatpally Y junction metro station after “Ambedkar Metro” and Hyderabad Metro was also was conferred the “Upcoming Metro Rail Project of the Year” from Construction Week India. And the project also was awarded platinum certification from “Indian Green Building Council”.


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