Every Hyderabadi Will Get Goosebumps After Watching This Brilliant Video Made On The City!


What you are going to see now is probably one of the best videos ever made on the city of Hyderabad. Power Drift,a start-up that reviews automobiles, has travelled across Hyderabad in the all-new Honda City and the video is literally jaw-dropping. The subtle yet effective way of reviewing the car in a seamless manner is too good to watch. For many of us, who’ve been in the city for years, i’m sure we haven’t seen Hyderabad in the way these guys have shown it here. From timelapse to drone shots and hyperlapse to background music, this video presents Hyderabad’s true vibrant colours in a way that makes us go awe. The editing and cinematography team deserves a special mention for their incredible work that made this video nothing short of a commercial film! The video, which is a voice of the various people of Hyderabad, even caught the eye of IT minister KTR who tweeted the video. Checkout the video:



Cover Image source: Power Drift


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