8 Reasons Why Hyderabad Is A Dog Lover’s Paradise!

(Article by Vaishnavi Bhupal)
We at Chai Bisket love dogs. Whether it’s sharing cute puppy videos during important meetings or discussing the naughty things our pets did the day before, you can say we’re pretty obssessed. We’ve even adopted a street dog, Holey (named after the cute hole in her ear) who comes into our office for her daily snack at 6 pm. So naturally, we thought it was time to share our love for dogs with the rest of Hyderabad. Here’s a list of activities and organizations in Hyderabad that are famous for their woof factor.
1. Animal Welfare: It’s not just about loving our own pets that make us dog lovers; it’s about caring for the well being of street animals as well. Street dogs are especially at high risk for road accidents, diseases and illnesses and most importantly, much needed love. Luckily though, Hyderabad boasts of many animal welfare organizations. If you ever see an animal injured or in need of help, give a call to one of these organizations: Blue Cross of Hyderabad, Hyderabad Canine Club, Noah’s Army, Hyderabad Pet Adoption, Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Society, and People for Animals.
2. International Dog Shows: Hyderabad Canine Club, a nonprofit affiliated to the Kennel Club of India, hosts internationally acclaimed dog shows with over a thousand breeds! If you’ve ever been to one of these shows, you know that it’s not just for dog owners. You can pet and play with purebred dogs and puppies from across the country! With a judging as strict as Femina Miss India, you’re not going to want to miss these beauty pageant puppies. They even have obedience competitions!
3. Dog Spas: It’s not just you who loves to be pampered, your pooch deserves some spa time too! With high end services that are on par with salons, grooming centers in Hyderabad are taking off. Give your dog a much needed makeover at one of these Pet Groomers- Nails N Tails, Scoopy Scrub, Paw Prints and The Animal Care Clinic.
4. Pet Adoptions: Animal welfare organizations like Blue Cross hold pet adoptions all across Hyderabad. If you’re looking to expand your family, consider adopting a dog in need of a home! Follow the Facebook pages of Blue Cross Hyderabad, Noah’s Army, Hyderabad Pet Adoption for the cutest puppies who would love to be a part of your home.
5. Dog’s Day Out: You have your group of friends, so why shouldn’t your dog have one too? Doggies Day Out is the answer to that! Started by Noah’s Army, another non profit animal welfare organization, organizes activities at well known parks for pets to meet other pets. Past Doggies Day Out have been held at Necklace Road Park and at Raahgiri Day.
noah's army
6. Dog Hostels: You’re going on a much needed break with your college friends, but where do you leave your four legged friend? Luckily, Hyderabad has a lot of options for pet hostels and boarding. If you’re concerned about how these homestays treat the dogs, you don’t have to worry. Petcetra in Manikonda, run by a pet lover in her home, offers a fun filled vacation for your dog. Progressive Kennels at Hayathnagar is another pet friendly option!
7. Dog Birthday Parties: Is it your puppy’s first birthday and you want to throw a Hyderabad style huge birthday bash? Now you can. Petcetra has facilities to host birthday parties for your best buddy and all his furry friends.

8. Boogie – TFI’s first furry hero: This dog is a superhero, literally! He can do a lot of surprising things, like getting newspapers and fiercely guarding you from your brother when you’re asleep. 😛 And he has also appeared in Rajendra Prasad garu’s Tommy recently!

All these reasons tell us that Hyderabad is indeed one place where our furry friends can live in peace and happiness!

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