From Child Marriage To College Toppers, These Hyd Girls Story Is Inspiring


Child marriages usually happen in rural and remote villages in our country stating the fact that illiteracy and poverty are driving this social evil. But, this is one of those few rare situations where people living in developed and socially forward cities are forcing their children into marriages. Yes, even cities are now the hosts of child marriages.

Here’s one situation from Hyderabad where two girls were rescued by an NGO from a child marriage turns out to be college toppers.



V. Sandhya and K. Sandhya hailing from Hayathnagar are childhood friends and belong to financial poor background. In March 2016 V. Sandhya’s parents arranged an engagement during her SSC examinations, their school teacher has alerted the “Balala Hakkula Sangam” who then rescued her and helped her in getting a admission into NRI intermediate college.

Irony here is that K. Sandhya the girl who helped her friend in escaping the marriage was in turn again forced by her own parents to marry a 35-year old relative. As their parents couldn’t clear the loan amount and to avoid the pressure from their relative who lend them 40,000 RS they have agreed to give her daughters hand in return to the amount.

In the recent Board of Intermediate results both of them have secured 93% and 92% respectively standing a top in fixtures of their college.

“Achyuth Rao” child rights activist has stated that 20 such marriages have been disrupted in last 4 months alone in Ranga Reddy district. We seriously hope that these kind of unacceptable atrocities against children are strictly condemned and ensure a bright future for them. ‘

KUDOS To Bala Hakkula Sanagm!!


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