Hyderabad Becomes The First GIGA-Enabled City In India With 1GBPS Internet Speed!


India is the second largest market in the world in terms of internet connectivity with users numbering well over 400 million. Thanks to the efforts of our government, the internet is penetrating into the lives of many more people. Among the cities, Hyderabad boasts of breakneck connectivity speeds. However, this new development from ACT fibernet puts the city on a league of its own.

Hyderabad is now part of a select group of cities that are called Giga-Enabled cities. Act Fibernet will now provide connectivity speeds of 1 Giga Bits Per Second. This effectively means that we can now have internet speeds faster than copying data on to a USB drive. Other cities in this elite club are Hong Kong and Seoul. Hyderabad is also the only Indian city to currently have this kind of futuristic technology.

1 Gigabit = 1000 Megabits. With ACT Fibernet, you can now get up to 1 Gbps or Gigabit speeds per second. What this means is that every device at home gets to be connected at high speeds, without any compromise on the experience.


1 Gbps speeds will change the way you experience the internet and your world today. All you have to do is think of the possibilities.

1 Gbps takes real time communication to a whole new level. Here, you can live stream without a glitch, or access the cloud seamlessly. Online games get played the way they were really meant to be, in a 1 Gbps world.

1 Gbps lets us think of a world where your data lives on the cloud the moment you have it on your device. A world where losing data is a thing of the past and maybe even the external hard drives stacking up in your drawer.


Currently, Hyderabad is the first Giga city in India. So if you’re in Hyderabad, there are a few thing you’ll need to get your devices future ready.

Giga speeds work best with an Intel Core i7 processor 2.5Ghz, and an 8GB RAM, with a 64-bit OS and 1 Gbps LAN/Ethernet port.

You’ll also need to make sure that the type of copper cable used to connect your PC is of type CAT6 (4 pair)


More friends can come over, more online TV can be watched, and lot more streaming, all at the same time at lightning speed.


Now you no longer need to share data to download/stream those 4K movies. The digital hub we always dreamed of is finally here, thanks to ACT Fibernet.



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