This Hyderabad-Based Gaming Startup Has Developed The Next Big Thing After Pokemon Go!


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. It has even beaten Twitter by a considerable amount in terms of the number of people using it in a day. 30 Million strong and growing, the Pokemon Go community is proof that the future lies in Augmented Reality tech. Surpassing all expectations, Augmented Reality or simply AR, is now the most exciting thing happening in the smartphone space. So does this mean that we are going to see more of this AR tech?

Well, we already are. Empower labs is a Hyderabad-based gaming technology startup. They have recently launched a new Augmented Reality game for mobiles titled “Delta T”. The theme of the game is the highly exciting concept of Time Travel. MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games are already hugely popular around the world. “Delta T” adds an additional layer of real world interactions to an exciting MMORPG game to bring you a completely immersive gaming experience on your mobile.



“Delta T” aims to bring this phenomenal experience to the billions of Smartphone users worldwide. The game world is set in a dystopian, futuristic setting where players strive to take control over their lives, battling the four mega corporations that are tearing the world apart in a bid to establish their dominance. Basically the AR game turns the world around you into a live battlefield. Gamers can even ally with one of mega corporations for their ends.



Check out the exciting trailer for this game below:

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