Hyderabad Is All Set To See The Restoration Of This Magnificent Old Building That Was Initially Constructed In 1805!


Today’s Koti Women’s College – An architectural marvel designed by Lieutenant Samuel Russell has been left neglected for nearly two centuries. This construction, right in the heart of city, resembling the White House of the US, was constructed around 1805 and served many purposes of the state. As Hyderabad is a place that is famous for its ancient structures and mansions, this building never fails to catch the eye of passersby. Few buildings inspired such awe in its visitors, as the Residency did at the time of its fame — with its neo classical architecture style, chandeliers believed to be procured from King William IVth’s palace, the massive scale, initially spread over 60 acres (now reduced to 42 acres) and munificent gardens which served as a setting for many a soiree organised by the memsahibs of the house.

As a former British Residence, this place has a charm of its own with Large Chandeliers, Durbar halls, painted ceilings and Giant Mirrors. This historical complex also holds a doomed love story. This building was built by Kirkpatrick during its construction and he had fallen in love with a Hyderabadi Noble Woman Khair un Nissa. He went to vast extremes for his love by not only converted to Islam to marry her but also turned completely ‘Desi’ by wearing Indian clothes and writing Urdu poetry. This couple had to face the adverse effects of British Regiment and city’s aristocratic set which resulted in their early deaths. While their love story was left to bury in the sands of time, this building constructed by Kirkpatrick became the official home for British Residents in Hyderabad ever since.

When the British left Hyderabad in 1949, the Koti residency was converted into Women’s college, established in 1924. It is interesting to note that till the handover, the premises were maintained by the Nizam’s government. Between 1949 and 1952, the Residency buildings were modified and modernised for the use of the Women’s College. After that this building became the victim of neglect and time.
People have been fighting for its restoration ever since. The first phase of restoration in 2013 took four years to complete. A lot of painting work was done but complete restoration of this magnificent piece of history is ordered now. The restoration is not an easy task considering the scale and size of the project. A huge amount of 2.5 crores is allotted for this purpose. Plans to make it a cultural centre are being heard. All in all its a great news for all the historic patrons of the city.

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