These Getaway Trips Within 170 KMs From Hyderabad Will Keep You Busy This Weekend


Getting bored with the routine life in a concrete jungle? Do you want to throw yourselves somewhere close to nature? Pack your bags for this weekend then. I have got a very special place which you can, fortunately, cover in a day. Amrabad, which is around 170kms from Hyderabad is a lush green forest area and have a lot to visit. Here are some things you must do:


Dindi Reservoir:

Start early in the morning, charge your gadgets, carry a spare dress and some food. While you are on your way to Amrabad, you will find a beautiful reservoir on your right in a place called Dindi. You can drive your car up and can take a break here. Refresh, click some pictures and start over again.



After a decent drive, Nallamala forest welcomes you with Ghat roads. Amrabad, being an eco-friendly place acting as a home to a wide variety of wildlife. Everything will be clean and organized, you will not be allowed to throw stuff around. There are various places called ‘Sitouts’ where you can park your cars and can have some fun time.


Octopus view point:

Drive to this point straight, I’m sure many of us don’t even know that there is something called ‘Octopus View point’ in our very own Telangana. Krishna river passing through the mountains, you will be just stunned after seeing this view. Picture speaks itself!


Mallela Theertham waterfalls

A walk down of 350 steps in the middle of a thick forest will take you to this beautiful waterfall. Going down will be easy and fun. Coming back will definitely test your fitness levels. Don’t worry about the water, they will be flowing all through the year. But Oct-Feb is the most preferred season.


Farahabad View Point:

To reach the viewpoint, we should take a Safari drive in Amrabad Tiger reserve (Part of the largest tiger reserve in India). Safari drivers will see the Tigers once in 10-12 days it seems, so don’t except that you will be able to see a Tiger, but try your luck. The journey will be for 60–90 minutes. Mouse deer, Indian antelopes, sambar deer and lots of monkeys can be seen all through the way.

You can even plan for two days by traveling to Srisailam the very night which is almost 60 Kms from here. Check into a hotel, wakeup hit the temple and then the Srisailam Dam followed by some beautiful viewpoints. I’m sure that this trip will leave you with good memories without emptying your wallet. One of the best and economical places in and around Hyderabad.

P.S: Download offline maps before you start because mobile signals play hide n seek with you all the time!


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