9 Pictures/Videos That Show The Impact Of How Bad The Rains In Hyderabad Are


It’s raining cats and dogs in Telugu states since the past 24 hours. Several cities and villages across the Telugu states have seen severe power cuts, road damage and water clogging. ‘AP and TS Weatherman’ is currently a very useful twitter handle right now to keep checking on how the situation outside is, Here are a few of important updates to understand the impact of the rains right now in Telugu states:


1. Hyderabad – Vijayawada highways are closed


2. To the people of Nalgonda..


3. Impact of rain in millimetres


4. Situation in Tolichowki, Hyderabad


5. Valigonda, Hyderabad


6. West Godavari


7. Historic Bhongir konda..


8. Lopudi, Krihsna


9. Thread regarding the dam barricades of River Musi and Krishna


Stay home and Stay safe, Everyone!


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