Know About This App – Hyd COVID Resources Which Is Helping People In These Tough Times

Internet and Technology valla naluguriki manchi jarigithe antha kanna anandam em untundhi. Recent ga COVID times lo Social Media is being a huge platform to help one another. Evarikanna urgent ga blood kavalanna , Plasma kavalanna, friends and mutual friends share cheyadam tho 100% kakapoina atleast 60% members ki some or the other way help reach avuthundi. Covid 2nd wave bibatsanga chelaregipodam tho malli hospitals nindipodam, tablets, injections stock aypodam and active cases kuda goranga peragadam chusthunamu.

Ilanti time lo resources like oxygen kani, plasma kani, blood kani time ki andhakapodam tho chanipothunna vallu chala mandhi unnaru. E problem ki solution vethakalani idharu telugu ammayilu Medha Kadri and Vennela Krishna treatment cheyinchukune vallaki resources efficient ga andhalane genuine purpose tho oka app create chesaru. Ee app lo emergency resources like (Oxygen,Remdesivir,Plasma,Blood,Food) dorike places and valla contact details ni oka chota pettadam jarigindi.

Okasari app overview chudham

Main page → Resources availability → Resource contact details

Simple but efficient right? So here are the steps to download the application(Compatible with Mobile, Desktop and Tablets as well)

Step 1

Click/Copy-Paste this link your browser –

Step 2

Add Hyd COVID Resources App to Home Screen

Step 3

Click Install on the pop-up

Anthe simple, but ee app collective effort thone work avuthundi, if meeku resources kavalante you can use the app to see the available places ad resources, but also meeku telsina resources meeru add cheyachu app lo, who knows meeru ichina information valla okari pranam bratakachu. And also there are other ways you can help the application

1.Okavela meru help cheyalanukunte , unna resources ki call chesi check if it is trusted or untrusted. Ala meeru verify chesina information ni either or vensykrishna ki Instagram lo message cheyachu.

2. Hyderabad lo meku telsina resources (Oxygen,Remdesivir,Plasma,Blood,Food , Ambulance, Volunteers)ni share chesthe, vallu app lo update chestharu.

3. Most importantly share this app with friends and family , epudu evariki ela use avuthundi manaki telidhu. Share cheyadam valla oka pranam brathike chance undante , poyedhi em undhi cheppadi.

Thoughts and Perspectives of the Creators – Medha and Vennela

Inspiration and purpose for creating the App?

“Last week maa mother ki COVID Positive ochindhi , there was a severe infection in lungs and adhe time lo hospital lo beds dorakadam kastam ayidhi , Its a stressful situation. Later melliga she got better with medicines. Alane resources dorakaka chala mandhi ibbandhi paduthunaru. So my friend Medha , Hyderabad lo available unna resources annitini oka spreadsheet lo collect chesi pettindhi. Oka app la maristhe maximum reach and purpose of collecting the information serve aythundhani ee app develop chesanu” – Vennela

“I kept looking at all the resources being shared pan India vi. Either Hyd wasn’t included in it or it was all clubbed under South India. And info was very scattered. This made me start the spreadsheet through soapbox. SoapBox is a platform to increase awareness through credible information about various social topics. ” – Medha

Launch Date?

20th April 2021

About the Response for the app

The response was amazing and more importantly it is helping people directly , 12 hours lone 20k downloads ayyayi and we are ready to scale up more.

Naveen Polishetty , Rashi Khanna , preyadarshe inka chala madhi share chesaru , Our only wish is entha ekkuva mandhi janalaki use ayithe mem antha happy.

Thoughts of expanding the app to other cities?

At present , we are focusing to provide meaningful support to Hyderabad , Okavela vere cities vallaki interest unte , we would be grateful to share the knowledge through workshop , so that valla city ki valle app tayaru cheskunela. Ee time lo localised effort valla maximum reach untadani ma abhiprayam.

Workshop link for creating app without any code :

Future additions to the app?

As of now, medical assistance ane field ni add chesamu, dani nundi doctors,nurses and volunteers who are interested to support in this need of hour can register. Mental Health Counselling, Meal service resources kuda add chesthuamu. Suggestions and feedbback ni base cheskoni, inka features ni add chese plan kuda undhi.

E update chesina, anni details Instagram handles lo post chesthunamu , so okavela updates gurinchi telusukovalante , you can check at or vensykrishna handles.

Friends andarni tag chesi ee information share cheyandi. Meeru chadastham anukunna parledhu malli chepthunam dhaya chesi avasaram lekapothe bayatiki velladhu. Vellina mask pettukune vellandi. Brathiki unte next year ayina tiragachu, me valla inkokariki ochi vallu suffer ayithe a guilt life long untundi. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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