This Ice Cream Store In Hyderabad Is Serving “24 Carat Gold” Ice Cream And It Looks Delicious Af!


All of us might have read about the story of King Midas, who was gifted with the power (more of a curse) to turn anything into gold with his mere touch. However, he couldn’t eat food because as soon as he touched it , even it turned into gold and that wasn’t edible anymore to him. Now, coming to this topic, ever wondered how gold tastes like?? Well, you can taste it now as Huber & Holly have started serving edible gold ice-cream.

Havmor, one of well known pure milk ice-cream brand, unveiled their most expensive ice-cream dessert through their premium dessert cafe Huber & Holly, Banjara Hills named as THE MIGHTY MIDAS.


The Might Midas is created with a mix of exotic ingredients including fresh gooey brownie pieces, chocolate ice-cream, caramelized almonds , nutty pralines,ferrero rocher, white chocolate,belgian dark chocolate, hot fudge and hazelnut chocolates!

All of the above ingredients are filled in a waffle cone studded with mini glitter gold pearls upon a chocolate layer which is then topped with a swirl of golden chocolate ice cream, a caramel chocolate bar, a raspberry rose sorbet macaroon, a pipette of passion fruit, and is finally wrapped with a 24-carat edible gold thin foil.

It is priced at INR 1000/- and is probably one of the expensive cone ice-creams in the country.

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