How to Earn While Travelling?


Manam monday morning review lo kurchoni boss toh titinchukuntute, ee Instagram travellers ‘getting sunkissed’ ani beach photo-lu pedtunte ela vuntadoooo.. I know. I feel you brothers and sisters.


Antha travel cheyali ante budget vundadhu, Budget unna leaves vundavu… Alagani job maneyalem. ‘Quit your job and live your dreams’ lanti quotations, vinadaniki, anukodaniki, instagram lo post cheyadaniki bane vuntay kani mana bills, EMIs pay cheyadaniki aithe money kavali kada..?


But how are these Instagrammers and travel bloggers doing it??? Idi 2019 manaki travel chestu work cheskodani boledanni options vunnai. Here are few options I discovered and tried after quitting my job last year.


Easy and Practical option – Get a remote Job


First things first …getting a remote job is the most practical and safe option to travel and work.


All you IT people, Ee option vere fields kanna miku chala useful.
Nenu software engineer enduku ayyana ani eppudaina feel ayyanu ante daniki ee remote jobs ye 1st reason. Remote jobs are saviours to people who love their freedom and who are comfortable working without having a manager sitting next to you :p


Work complete ayte chalu, Meeru ah work goa beach lo kurchoni chesina, rajasthan desert nundi chesina it doesn’t matter.


So ilanti option istunarante ah clients/managers/companies already chala open mind tho unnarani ardham……ilanti jobs chese na friends chala mandhi usually managers chill and understanding untarani cheptuntaru.


Naukri and Indeed lo ee madhye remote job opportunities post chestunnaru, But here are a few Purely remote job sites from where you can apply for jobs full time or part time.


WorkEW: one of the oldest and very promising sites. It has some big names on their listings.


Working Nomads: Indulo chala wide range of remote job categories to vuntay – Both IT and Non IT. The site very color coded very well and is also easy to navigate


Stack Overflow: If you are tech junkie/developer this is the best site to hit!!


Angel co is one place where you can find remote jobs in startup’s or invest in one.




Freelancing e madya chala popular ayindi. Mana job frustration levels ala vunnay mari. There are numerous opportunities in writing, photography, social media marketing, WordPress expertise, coding, graphics designing, teaching, virtual assistant, music and many other fields.
It is basically project based or contract based. You take part of a project or the entire project in a field that you are strong at, finish it and you will get paid. No strings attached.


Kashtalu.. Nashtalu:


> Competition chala ekkuva- you got to have quality skills to sustain in this business.
> Consistency in getting projects – okko month lo mari ekkuva projects ravachu, konni months lo asalu em opportunities rakapovachu. So time and savings balance cheskuntu vundali
> No paid leaves (job lo laga sick leaves casual leaves vundav) and mana medical insurance nundi retirement benefits varaku anni maname plan cheskovali




> You can be your own boss – Dream come true kada!
> Travel and Work from anywhere – Yayyy!
> Oke city lo vundalsina avasaram ledu kabatti, you can keep working from different cities and towns and get more exposure. You can also save money from paying rents in city centres or travelling to office everyday.
> Decide when you want to work and when to take a break


My personal tips:


Though am giving a few resources below where you can find freelance work opportunities, I got most of my projects in the most unexpected ways.


One example of i got a freelance gig: I was slow travelling in Goa when i came across a pretty and eco-friendly homestay. The hosts are middle aged couple who are not very tech savy, they still operate a website built in 2007. It was not a friendly website and didnt have a payment integration. While I was there I offered them help in revamping their website, writing content and integrating easy checkouts directly from their website. I charged them a modest fee and also helped them create a social media platforms and taught them how to use those platforms for good reasons. They were very happy and it was also very gratifying to me.


Alochinchandi….miku telisina valaki startup vundachu, maybe you can help them out in something. Or mikuna ideas evaraina business ki help avtadi ante pitch your idea to then and put your expectations in front of them. Add value to someone’s business and take your price. They say ‘’Where there is a will there is a way.


Here are a few sites where you can find freelance work:


Fiverr: It’s the most popular website to get freelance work. I use it very frequently and am very happy with the opportunities and support I got from them


Upwork: Upwork is a very professional site which enables you to send proposals for freelance works posted on their website.


Freelance writing: If your niche is specifically writing then Freelance writing is one of the oldest websites


99 designs: It’s a freelance website to showcase your design skills and bad projects from the clients.


Ikapote: Blogging, vlogging


Blogging and influence on social media platforms: Mana andariki telisina option. Having an engaging audience can take you to places and you also get to work with your dream brands.


A few ways of monetising blogs:


> Keeping the website/blog clean without Ad’s and collaborating with meaningful brands and charge them a fee for promotions
> Create your own product and sell it to your audience. The products could be your artworks, Travel guides, educational material, organic products or anything else that you are passionate about.
> Using trusted Affiliate links that you can recommend to your readers (Affiliates recommend products & when someone purchases those products, affiliates earn a portion of the sale)
> Displaying ad’s and charging a fee or using Google Ad sense.


While the above one’s are a few popular ways of monetising the blog, you can get creative in a 100 other ways.


Kani…Anta Veezey kadhu:


Genuine audience ni build cheyadam manam anukunanta easy kadu. E madya blogger ani chepukodam oka trend ayipoyindi. Every 10th person we meet is an instagram influencer. Daily 1000’s of blogs are getting registered, there is a lot of competition. Instagram, google algorithms marutune vuntay. Market lo updated undali ante it demands soul and energy

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What next!! A question I always ask myself that often drifts me away from the present moment. But it's okay we can't stop thinking about the future, can we? So Here are a few things I intend to do around my blog! 1. Firstly am working more than ever to improve the quality of the blog Content-wise and also Technically. Adding some new plugins to improve your reading experience ??‍♀️ . 2. Never working with brands which are not responsible enough or with the ones which are not relevant! Definitely not promoting/accepting freebies or doing product unboxing stories which is a waste of time to both you and me. I wanted to let you know that am never going to recommend or suggest anything which I didn't try myself or know personally ☺️??‍♀️ . 3. Slow Travel – Before quitting my job, my dream was to fly to a new destination every month. I changed my plans after experiencing the slow travel bliss and that decision only became stronger after I realised that cutting down on flying frequently can reduce my carbon footprints! Also able to enjoy some insider experiences about the places when am staying for long! ??? . Looking for inputs from all of you. What kind of content would you like to read on the blog apart from what am already writing? DM me!! A big Thank you for all the overwhelming support from you guys! ? Blogging was not as easy as I thought. It's more than just a passion or a hobby ? In the last few months, I had writing blocks and anxiety about where this is heading! but each and every time, one/some of you sent me positive messages about something you read, how it inspired you or how you came to know about something new! that's is what keeps me going ❤️ Thank you for supporting me so much and travelling with me virtually!! #forevergrateful . . . . #growthmindset #grateful #? #positivechanges #futureisbright

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But if that is what excites you(like me) then here are a few tips:


1. Having followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter doesn’t make you a blogger. Have something which you can call yours.


2. Popular travel locations lo photolu choosi or mana day1 day 2 day 3 itinerary chadivi manalni follow ayye rojulu poyay. World is getting smaller every day …if you can go to a place any body can go.

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I've come so far from being that girl who kept seeing my mom from the glass window of the bus, waving my hand till I lost sight during my first bus journey alone. But even today whenever I embark on a new journey, In my mind’s ears I hear voices of my family, friends and acquaintances warn me about the dangerous world. But then another voice defeats the rest by saying no one is braver than you, the world is dangerous but its also full of love, compassion, nature and wonderful people. And that’s how I conquer my solo travel fears. . published an article on @chaibisket – what it is like to travel solo, what to expect, some tips and favourite pictures. Link in the bio! . . . . #goa #igersofgoa #igersofindia #lbbgoa #goadiaries #incredibleindia #triptocommunity #offbeatgoa #travelblogger #passionpassport #lightroom #dametraveler #ladiesgoneglobal #indiaphotostory #cntgiveitashot @olaulimbackyards #flamingodiaries #goatourism #unseengoa #natgeotravel #airbnb #airbnbgoa

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3. So Create original content, tell inspirational stories and give an awe inspiring perception of visiting the most popular places differently


4. Create a community don’t just be an influencer – Blogging business lo entha mandi followers vunnaru ane dani kanna entha engaging audience vunnaru anedi long run lo chala important.


5. I know of bloggers who have thousands of followers, they might do a lot of sponsored content at some point but at the end of the day cannot sustain because their audience get bored of what they do. Nobody wants to follow someone who just travels and posts one way content just to feel bad that they are not able to do the same.


6. Engage with them, tell them what are the struggle you go through while travelling, give them helpful insights, give them a good reason why they should follow you.


7. Never ever recemonned/write/suggest things to your readers which you didn’t experience or verify yourself. Being authentic and keeping trust is the key to win your readers loyalty.


Here are sources from where you can learn to blog from scratch (this is where I learnt blogging from). Any aspiring blogger can access the content from these sites for free of cost.


Shout me loud: It’s a great website to learn how to get a blog registered, basics of setting it up and how to take it forward to advanced level. The site has detailed videos to start your blogging career from scratch.
PS-You need not necessarily be a coder or know HTML to start a blog.


Digital Deepak:

This is one of the best sites to learn digital marketing techniques. It’s a personal blog by Deepak where he talks about helpful tools, marketing campaigns, and strategies to make a website successful.


Adi Sangathi, If you want another detailed post about any of the above topics with more information, or have any questions please drop in the comments section.
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