13 Horror Movies That Tried So Hard To Scare Us, But Failed Badly


Ippudu.. general ga Hollywood Horror movies chuse vaalla gunde chaala gattidhi anamata. Manaki ilanti movies chusi, chusi ika Horror movies antene oka chaala maamul vishayam ipoyindhi, mari alantidhi manam entho expectations pettukoni chusi, manalni disappoint chesina cinema lani eppatiki marchipolemu, here’s a small recap, Ippatidaaka ochina anni horror movies discuss cheytam kashtam kabatti only ‘Recent’ movies list theesam anamata. ‘TaKe cArE oF yOuR eYe bAlLs’ while reading.


1. Texas Chainsaw 3D

The only good thing in the movie is Alexandra Daddario. IYKWIM.


2. The Cloverfield Paradox

Why is it that all the sequels suck???


3. Insidious: The Last Key

The movie has so many sequels that, Idhi cinema kadhu, serial ani doubt ravatam start ayyindhi.


4. Mama

Trailer is more scarier than the movie


5. Jig Saw

You wouldn’t believe but, this movie is a sequel of our childhood’s favorite Saw series.


6. Friend Request

Angel Priya’s friend request is more scarier than this movie.


7. Hereditary

Rating chusthe emo full, but scare factor nill.


8. Lights Out

And yet not scary


9. It Follows

But it doesn’t scare


10. Sinster 2

Some of you are like, ‘Asal part-1 eppudu ochindhi bhayya?!


11. Ouija

Rotten at 5% on Rotten Tomatoes


12. The Nun

Number of scary scenes in the movie: None.


13. Veronica

Ee movie gurinchi special ga matladali. Dheenni theese appudu entha efforts pettaro thelidhu kani, marketing ki mathram gattiga ne pettaru. Ye Hollywood meme page chusina, ‘We bEt yOU tO waTcH ThiS mOviE Dawww..’, ‘OnE PeRsoN DiEd oF HeArT AtTacK dUrIng WaTcHiNg Dawww..’ annaru. Theera movie chusthe nidra thappa em raaledhu.


So according to you, which was the most disappointing horror movie, that ruined the experience?


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