HMWSSB Has Developed An All New App To Attend To The Complaints Of Citizens!


Water is the most precious gift to the humanity by the nature. It is very clear to everyone that water is very necessary for the existence of life on the earth. But in Hyderabad, so much water is getting wasted or misused. For the preservation and protection of water GHMC has come up with a unique idea.

Now people of GHMC can take a pic of illegal water connection,blocked drainage,over flowing drainage or opened man holes and send it over Whatsapp or Twitter accounts of Hyderabad Metropolitan Water supply & Sewerage Board.
Hyderabad Metropolitan Water supply & Sewerage Board has arranged 36 officers into 36 divisions for attending to the complaints received on various social media platforms. The officer who receives the complaint will forward it to the division manager and follow it up until the issue is resolved.

HMWSSB also developed an app called Jaldi Action Le (JAL) for greater convenience to people and solving their problems. In the app, people can send pics regarding various problems. Later, Tokens will be generated and progress of action will be monitored. Issues like No Chlorine present in water supplied, Valve Leakage, Pipe Leakage, Polluted Water, Sewerage Overflow, Missing Manhole Cover, Non Receipt of Bill, Request Meter and Illegal Water Connections.

You can lodge a complaint and follow up here.
Whatsapp: 9949930003
Customer care: 155313

The adoption of this technology by HMWSSB for the better convenience and solving the issues by people. Hope the other departments of GHMC also follow in the steps of HMWSSB to deliver a greater level of convenience to the citizens.




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