Hima Das, A 19 Year Old Assame Athlete Who’s Rewriting History Of Indian Sports 1 Gold Medal After Another


Eppuduu sports anagane cricket series gurincho, Football World Cup gurinchi matladukune vallu okasariga Finland loni Tampere lo jarigina oka Athletic event gurinchi matladataniki karanam oka 18 year old Indian girl- Hima Das. Evaru eeme?


IAAF(International Association of Athletics Federation) conduct chesina World Under-20 Athletics Championship loni Women’s 400 meter race ni, 51.46 seconds lo ne finish line cross chesi history create chesindi, She won India’s First Gold medal at a global track event and She is the first Indian woman to win a gold at the IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships.

You can watch the winning moment below:


Other Indians who scored medals in IAAF events:

1.Seema Antil (Discus Throw, Bronze, 2002) Event Held in: Kingston, Jamaica.

2. Navjeet Kaur Dhillon (Discus Throw, Bronze, 2014)
Event Held in: Eugene, USA.

3. Neeraj Chopra (Javelin Throw, Gold, 2016)
Event Held in:Bydgoszcz, Poland.


How Did She Get Into Athletics:

Hina Das puttindi Dhing ane oka small town lo , Idhi Assam loni Nagaon District ki 25 km dhooram lo untundhi. Her father Ranjit Das is a farmer.

Hima Das chinnappati nundi chala active. Thanaki oka football player avvalani undedhata.
In-fact she is the main striker in her school football team. Aa time lone Mr.Shamshul Sheikh,( Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya school coach) aame fast ga parigettatam chusi Hima ki Fotball kante Athletics ae set authundhi ani decide ayyaru.

Ala just before 2 years (2016) Hima Athletic Training start chesi, chala competitions lo participate chesindi. Ee time lo Hima daggara proper Spikes( running shoes) kuda undevi kavata.

Guwahati lo state governament organise chesina sports camp ki Hima attend ainappudu Nipon Das (her present coach) ameni chusaru. Ee talent ki proper training isthe wonders create chesthundi ani decide ayyi, Hima parents ni oppinchi better training kosam aameni Srusajai Sports Complex (Guwahati) lo join chesi, aameki accommodation kuda ayane arrange chesaru.

The Indian Express ki icchina oka interview lo Nipon Das ila chepparu:
There was no separate wing for athletics but the officials were open to Hima being part of the academy after seeing her performances. Assam is not known to produce runners”


Her career:

100 metre:

Ippati daaka Hima only 2 100-metre events lo participate chesindi,
May 15,2017 lo jarigina New Delhi Indian GP lo 12.57 seconds timing tho 5th place lo nilichindi. A year later, Patiala Indian GP lo 11.74 seconds timing tho 1st place secure chesukundi.


200 metre:

May 2017 lo jarigina Bangkok Asian Under-18 championship lo , 25.27 seconds timing tho race ni complete chesindi. Aa taruvatha, in a span of just4 months Chennai lo jarigina oka event lo 24.26 seconds lone complete chesi thana timing ni improve chesukundi.

By February 2018, she was clocking under 24 seconds at various events. and her personal best came on June 27, 2018, when she finished the 200-metre race in 23.10 seconds during the Guwahati Inter-State Championship.


400 metre:

March 2018 lo jarigina Patiala Federation Cup lo 53.21 seconds unna thana timing ni April 2018 lo jarigina Gold Coast Commonwealth Games lo 51.32 seconds ki improve chesukundi.

Aa taruvatha June 2018, Guwahati lo jarigina Inter-State Championship lo thana career best performance (51.13 seconds) icchindi. Ee event lo Gold gelichi Asian Games ki qualify aindi.


Very recently, She achieved something really big and unbelievable.. She won her 5th gold medal in just the last 19 days. From Sachin Tendulkar to PM Modi, everybody is in awe and super proud of her, and has applauded her. This is a really proud moment for us, as a nation. She even donated half of her salary to the Assam Floods

Hima Das meedha Biopic teesthe adhi chudataniki egabadipotham. But, Mana chuttu unna endharo Hima Das lani ignore chesestham. Oka field lo anukunnadhi saadhinchataniki Talent and Hardworking nature unte saripothundi ani Hima Das ni chusi manam nerchukovacchu.


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