Here Are The Highlight Moments From RGV’s “Journey From Shiva To Vangaveeti” Event!


RGV ane vyakthi kante aayana Twitter account manaki baaga parichayam. History chooskunte Telugu industry ni complete ga kottha direction lo ki teeskellaaru. Aayana teese cinemaalu budding filmmakers ki oka textbook laantivi. Alaanti RGV first cinema Shiva release ayyi 27 years aipoyyayi….! RGV journey ni celebrate chesthu cheskunna event ki mana Tollywood biggies vacchaaru.

General ga ilaanti events ki guests ga vacchina vaallu kudirinantha pogidesthu dappu eyyadam manam common ga choosthuntaam. Kaani RGV ki ilaantivi nacchavu ani bayata talk. Anduke ee event ki vacchina vaallu em maatladuntaara ane chinna curiosity tho event mottham choosa. Asalu okkokallu entho genuine ga straight from the heart, RGV tho vaalla experiences ni share cheskovadam was so amazing to watch. You need to watch these awesome speeches…


Harish Shankar garu CB articles baaga chaduvuthaaremo…… Anni dialogues sync lo bhale cheppaaru… Just kidding, RGV nijanga hero ne….


Venky mama stage ekkithe ne adhoka excitement. Kaani Kshana Kshanam cinema gurinchi manaki evariki teliyani oka snippet chepparu…..


SS Rajamouli enno saarlu Shiva aayanaki inspiration ani chepparu… Alaanti oka sagatu fan RGV ni question chesthunna moment….


Ee event lo nijanga manam BigB ni miss ayyaam. Kaani ee saariki ee video byte tho saripettukovaali….


Brutal. Straightforward. Truthful. Devil-May-Care. RGV was just his typical self. Owning up to his mistakes, RGV admitted that he was the one to blame for the spate of bad films. He confessed that he doesn’t plan anything and goes about life as it comes. Very endearing to watch RGV like this, his promise to SSR at the end is a must watch.


Nag came in last and stole the show completely. He confessed that RGV is awesome just the way he is and asked to not change even a little bit. Their camaraderie was awesome to watch….


Roguish, mischievous, bullying and forever a child at heart, RGV is awesome just the way he is. Here’s hoping that he doesn’t change himself too much and continues making classic films of the kind we know he’s capable of.


Check out the latest trailer of the much awaited Vangaveeti!


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