All You Need To Know About The “6th Sense” Sensors Coming Up In RTC Buses!


Bus accidents are a leading cause of death on roads in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. To combat this, a Mumbai-based company introduced this new-fangled piece of high-tech called ‘6th sense’ that prevents bus accidents. Here’s what you need to know about the new technology.


3-second warning
6th Sense gives a guaranteed warning at least 3 seconds early, allowing sufficient reaction time for the driver to brake and avoid collision.



An impressive feature of 6th Sense is automatic braking. When the system has sounded off alarm 2 and there is still no response from the driver, the automatic braking technology comes to play and slows down the car. This increases the distance, reduces speed and puts the driver in a safer zone.


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No false alarms
6th Sense is based on an intelligent algorithm which means that the system takes into account several factors before warning the driver. Therefore, there are no false alarms.


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Works just fine at high speeds
6th Sense can operate at speeds ranging from 0 to 200 kmph. The detection range of the system is from 2 to 180 meters.


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Accident prevention in any weather
6th Sense can operate in all weather conditions, including heavy rains and temperatures ranging from -10o C to 60o C. The system also works equally effectively in fog and night conditions.


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VRL Travels is the only company operating 6th sense
VRL Travels is the only one in India using sensors on its fleet of buses for the past five years.


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Talks are on to implement this revolutionary technology on all RTC (AP & TS) Buses from now. Here’s to happy and safe travels.


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