9 Things You Can Do To Help A Person Dealing With Depression


Before I tell you anything, I need to tell you that, I’ve never been into depression in my life. But I know quite a few people who are dealing with it, I talk to them everyday. So based on my real life experiences and a little research, here are some things you can do to help a person who’s dealing with depression.


1. Listen to their stories.

A person is in depression probably because they’re feeling lonely and there is no one to listen to their side of the story. So listen to them.


2. Don’t interrupt them in the middle, and don’t start on with your story. Let them complete.

Always remember that, interrupting their stories in the middle, would only make them feel bad.


3. Talk to them.

Aaaand, also talk to them, share your stories too.


4. Believe in their stories.

Seems like a small thing, But is very important to do.


5. Don’t tell them things like, ‘Don’t cry unnecessarily ‘. Let them cry out.

Because, this is already what people around them are saying to them. Don’t let them hold their tears, let them express their sadness, just like how they express their sadness.


6. Educate yourself about depression, mood disorders and mental health.

When you aren’t aware yourself, what depression is, and what are the outcomes. It gets difficult to help. So know the basics.


7. Never judge, criticise or compare.

Never ever. They need all the positivity in the world right now.


8. Small gestures always help. Just let the them understand that you’re there for him/her.

Sending gifts, good morning messages and what not.


9. It’s not always about offering advices.

Yep, you don’t need to have an advice/ solution readily available with you, for their every problem. They’re not looking for solutions from you, they just want to share their problems, and lighten their burdens.


Well, these are a few things that I’ve observed that helped my friends, what else do you think would help people dealing with depression? Do let us know in the comments below.


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