Here Are Some Tips And Tricks To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle In This WFH Environment

Are you moving daily ?

Ee lockdown punyama ani asalu bayata tiragadam takkuva ayipoyi , unde ah kastha movement kooda vadhilesam. Morning lesthune sofa meedha padipovadam, akkade TV, mobile, breakfast, tarvata online class/WFH ani malli gantalu gantalu kurchovadam, malli evening ki TV, mobile, dinner ani sofa ki athukupovadam, inka direct ga bed…Good night. Asalu yentha lazy life ayipoyindhoo kadha… Okkosari entraa babu ee lifestyle, yetu pothunnam manam ani kooda anipisthu untundhi.

1. Ganta ki oka alarm pettukondi

Yentha important work aina sare, alarm raagane u have to get up from your desk and do a little walk ani.

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2. Sip some water

So ala alarm ring ayinapudu, just go and have a glass of water… Hydration done right!

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3.Do your work

Mana pani manam chesukovadam lo tappe ledhu, so morning levagane make your bed, mi clothes meere terrace paina dry chesi randi, wash your plate..and a lot more.

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4.Exercise. Yay or nay?

Daily Morning levagane atleast oka 15 min workout cheyandi, trust me your body will thank you in the long run. Exercise chese mood ledha, maanchi allu arjun mass beat pettesi meeku nachinatlu dance veyyandi…you will experience the happy hormone thing, I promise.

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5. Active day :

Beehhhhh ani kaakunda, active ga undadaniki try cheyandi, sing a song, crack some lame jokes, give the movement, set up your own vibe…whatever it is, just be active.

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6. Tindi important:

Asalu unna chethha anni mana pottalone untundhi.. Idhi maatram damn sure.

Yentha padithe antha, yedhi padithe adhi ani kaakunda, try to have anything in portions and have an eye on what is going into your stomach.

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7. Sleep cycle:

Neeku emaina US shift ah?

Or insomnia? Or phone switch ayye varaku nidra pattadha..?

Hehe. Whatever it is, have some good sound sleep at least for 7-8 hrs.

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8. Schedule it first-uuuu

Ivanni anukunnatlu jaragali ante scheduling important. Adhi mana valla avvani pani le.. lite ani anukokunda ..just start slow, take time, go at your own pace.

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Anni telsinavi yendhukamma padhe padhe cheptavu ani anukuntunnara??

Experience amma… Everything is tried and tested… good results kooda vachayi.. Mari friends tho share cheyakunte yetla??

Also, let us if you have any additional tips, would help us all as well.

Have a happy day!!!

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