9 Things You’ll Relate To If You’ve Hated Your Hostel Warden


There are only two types of hostellers, the ones who love their Warden, and the ones who f**** hate their warden. Mari obviously, as the title suggests, this article is for the second type of hostellers.


1. He acts like your dad, more than your own dad does


2. He is a living roopam of CCTV camera, he sees everything, EVERYTHING!


3. He hates songs & loud music. Which also means, You can’t play PUBG, Counter Strike or any other LAN game with friends. Warden ki vinapadakudadhu ani, game entha feel lo carry avthunna ‘A Quite Place’ lo la, silent ga aadevallam, Ee kashtam pagodiki kuda rakudadhu dhora.


4. The only vichitra jeevi on the planet who hates BIRTHDAYS!! (But cake mukka mathram kavali.)


5. Basically he hates everything, he hates his own life. That’s because the peddha manishi has left his family behind & is living with us niggas in hostel.


6. There is no use of you complaining about ‘Hostel Food’ not being tasty to him, because he even finds ‘Hostel Pappu’ tasty! Devudi Bidda!


7. Hostel ki Late Entry: Biometric ni cheat cheyatam easy emo kani, you can’t cheat him. Because as I said, he sees EVERYTHING, 24/7. Vere pani unte ga.


8. Intha batting lo kuda, aayana gariki time-pass ki movies kavali ante, We’re the only source for him. (Not just movies, if you know what I mean.)


9. The last and mandatory point: Mee warden entha ‘Angry Young Man’ ina there is one legendary ‘licensed lancham’, deeniki elanti warden ina padalsindhe, that is ‘PRASADAM thecha, theeskondi sir’.

Bonus: Kani edhi em ayina, current poyina ventane, andharu bayata corridors loki vachi ‘Rey Warden E@##%$#‘ ani aravatam, is an universal emosan.


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