18 Quotes That Prove Harsha Bhogle Is The Undisputed Sultan Of Commentary!


When it comes to cricket, there can be none like Harsha Bhogle. The people who usually end up in the commentary box are former cricketers, their understanding of the game is a lot more basic. Harsha meanwhile, is a total outsider, having never played the game professionally. He is a commentator in the purest sense of the word. He is a die-hard cricket fan who says it as he sees it. His love and in-depth understanding of the game is quite well known. To topit all up, he is probably one of the most wittiest men around. Put all this together and you have all the ingredients of a legendary commentator.


1) When asked about Rahul Dravid’s destructive form

HB - 1


2) Off the field at IIM-A, as a guest lecturer:

Student – What was your CGPA at IIM-A?

HB - 2


3) In SA vs SL quarter final match at Sydney in ICC world cup 2015:

Situation: Imran Tahir takes a catch of Lahiru Thirimanne off his own bowling and as always, goes for a marathon run!!

HB - 3


4) When Michael Clarke got caught at slip but was still waiting for the umpire’s decision.

HB - 4


5) After Dhoni lost the toss yet again

HB - 5


6) When Shakib Al Hasan was bowling dead slow

HB - 6


7) when sachin got out off Michael Vaughan’s off spin in 2002

HB - 7


8) On how tough it must be to be Sachin…

HB - 8


9) When Naseer Hussain tried to take a dig at India not playing at the FIFA World Cup…

HB - 9


10) When Geoffrey Boycott tried to underplayed Sachin by saying “Sachin may be a great batsman but he has never been on the Lords Honor board”

HB - 10


11) After Dhoni hit a Mitchell Starc delivery to the boundary

HB - 11


12) On Sachin’s Entry when a wicket fell and Indian crowd cheered because Sachin was coming to bat

HB - 12


13) When Cheteshwar Pujara was playing very slowly in a T20 match

HB - 13


14) When Sachin Tendulkar retired, he came up with this gem

HB - 14


15) Harsha was talking about solidity in Indian batting when he said,

HB - 15


16) Michael Atherton: It is England but India has more support in the stadium, and the pitch is completely assisting your spinners. Says a lot about our hospitality, right?

HB - 16


17) During Perth Test, Symond’s appeal against Tendulkar was turned down

HB - 17


18) Harsha on Misbah's performance being criticized by Shoib Akthar and other former Pakistani cricketers

HB - 18


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