Meet The IIT-ian Guitarist Who Will Make You Trip On Cocaine!

In a scene where film music and EDM mainly rule the roost, it’s tough for a rock musician to sustain. Even then, it’s the passion which fuels him and keeps him going.

Meet Harish Chandra , an IIT- Kharagpur graduate who discovered his love for the guitar during his Engineering years. He learnt to play the tabla when he was just five. He is a multi-instrumentalist; the list includes the sitar, the tabla, keyboards, drums, bass, and the guitar. For now!

“Music for me, is a language that transcends all boundaries, and I also do strongly believe we all are tailor-made to connect to some form of music.”, says Harish. With influences as varied as blues rock, progressive, and psychedelic, he says he likes to play a “wholesome kind of music”.

His cover of Eric Clapton’s ‘Cocaine’ was personally liked by the legendary guitarist himself.

When his previous band Luminum disbanded, he was left with a lot of material he could not use because it had contributions from other band members too. It was then that he decided to start his own project, eponymously titled ‘The Harish Chandra Project‘.

“Music should have an impact on the mental state of the listener… Should not just be rehashed music, with some element of uniqueness wherever possible…”, he says. One thing that comes to mind when we listen to his tracks is that they sound very Indian, like the solo on this song – Mother.

His project, which features Sagar Kumar on Bass and Vaishak on Drums and Keyboards, has been giving live gigs, and there’s one on the 27th of March at XSB Kharkhana, Secunderabad. For a taste of what’s in store for the psychedelic fans, here’s their latest single!

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