These Illustrations Will Tell You The Hardships That Every Teacher Faces During Online Classes


Contributed By Swash Diaries


I am a cartoon Illustrator , philosophy student in mathematics Also a Mathematics Teacher.
Through this illustrations, I am telling you some of the Facts ,what we Teachers are facing during online classes!
Lockdown start ayyina taruvatha.. Online classes ane solution anni school and colleges classes continue chesthunnayi. But real time scenario lo oka teacher aa class cheppadam entha kashtanga untundo.. Enni disturbances face cheyalsosthundo oka teacher ke telusthundi..
But vere vaallaki joke ga anipinchinchachu…


Also seen some of the posts humiliating Teachers.
So am shouting loud here with my cartoon illustrated facts to make people know the value of Teachers 🙏🏼
Poorva kaalam lo guruvu ane gouravam , ippudu takkuvaipothunnadi !
Andaru pillalu alaa vundaru but maximum alaane tayaaravuthunnaru!
So oka chinna prayathnam vaallu chese tappulu telusukunela , eh message prathi okkariki reach avuthundani expect chesthunnanu 🙏🏼
Happy Teachers’ Day to all the Amazing Outstanding, educators Out There
(Including Me )











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