8 Characters That Show That Our Telugu Fathers Are Special Indeed!

Dads aren’t exactly the most celebrated characters in the T-Town. I mean they are mostly used to fill a couple of comic gaps, or to bail the hero out from the police station, or to lend him daily expenses. But over the years we have glimpses of some great Dads in the cinema of the T-Town. Here are a few.
1. Venkatsamy – Idiot
What Makes Him Special :
The Daily routine starts with scolding the son. Only, his daily prayer starts for his son too. He stands helpless in the battle between duty and family love.
2. Aravind – Bommarillu
prakash raj
What Makes Him Special :
He only wants the best for his son. Only thing, his son hates him for the same reason.
3. Paparayudu – Peddarayudu
What Makes Him Special:

His last words to his son weren’t about the welfare of the family. They were to protect the law and preserve the truth. Enough said.
4. Raghu Ramayya – Aa Naluguru
What Makes Him Special:

It’s a wonderful life living for values. And he just demonstrates it.
5. Suryanarayana – Pokiri
What Makes Him Special:

He isn’t afraid when he’s staring at death. In fact, he feels proud for his family bears one more hero to serve the nation.
6. Bittu & Chaitanya – Manam
What Makes Them Special:

They are reborn for their loved ones. Now, if that isn’t special, nothing is.
7. Daddy
What Makes Him Special:

He proved that Daddy is always the perfect partner in crime to the little princess. It doesn’t matter what the age is, there is always time for mischief.
8. Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi
amma nanna o tamil ammayi
What Makes his Special:

He deals with sacrifices for the first part of his life. He deals with resentment in the second part.
All these years it was really a pleasure to watch them on the screens. Thanks to these special dads, the movies turned more special too.

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