What If… Hannah Baker Of 13 Reasons Why Is From These Colleges!


13 Reasons Why – E madhya social media lo ekada chusina ide kanapaduthundi. Asala ee Hannah Baker endhi? aa tape lu endhi? ani alochisthunnara? Antha details loki vellakunda just ala oka brief istha. Ee Hannah pressure thattukoleka suicide cheskuntundi.. endhuku? karanalu emiti ani tapes release chesthundi. Aa tapes ni thana suicide ki reason ani evaraite anukuntundho vallaki pampisthundi. Matter ardham ayindi kada.. ipudu suicide ane thought ni pakkana petteyandi.. Just in case Hannah ganaka mana colleges lo join ayithe aa tapes lo reason emayi untundi ane oka chinna thought tho ee article rasam. Also ee series and dani concept ni kuda we are not making fun. So please take it with a lite heart.

P.S – This is just for entertainment. We do not mean to offend anyone or any college.










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