Here’s How You Can Spend A Weekend Admiring The Beautiful Stone Sculptures In Hampi!


Who doesn’t wait for a weekend getaway? After days and days of storming our brains and working so hard, we DESERVE a break. And if you’re a history lover, then Hampi in Karnataka should be definitely on your next travel list. The ruins of Vijayanagara royalty combined with the serene hues of nature offers you a perfect travel experience. The moment you step into this place, you feel as if you are thrown into the magnificent medieval times. The rocky terrain which is spread across for kilometres is contrasted by the greenish palm groves and paddy fields. You would definitely need a couple of days to completely take the place in.

From Hyderabad, you can either take bus or train to Hospet, which is 12Km away from Hampi. There are regular buses going to these places and it is very feasible to reach. For the night stay, Virupapura Gaddi is preferable and you can take a local ferry to reach there.

Day 1:
This perfect two-day exploration can be started off with a ghetto near Hampi Bazaar. Virupaksha Temple, Eksila Nandi, Vittala Temple and few other famous temples which are very near to this place can be covered in the first half of the day. Ganesha Temple, Basavanna, Queen’s bath and Hazari Rama temple are the must visit places to understand the royalty of the Vijayanagara empire. Although it is possible to walk, it is advisable that you rent a motorbike and cruise from temple to temple to avoid the midday heat. In the second half, you can visit the Tungabhadra dam, the second largest one in the country which is a couple of hours drive from Hampi. Locals believe that taking a bath in this holy river cleanses your mind and soul. Finish your first day by watching the serene sunrise by the riverside. While on your way back don’t miss to check out the bazaar with colourful hip stuff in the market behind Virupaksha temple.

For the night stay, crossing the river and going to the adjacent beautiful place, Virupapaura Gaddi is advisable. You can rent cute shacks or casual rooms for very affordable prices there. Bikes are also available for decent prices here.

Day 2:
Unlike Hampi, Virupapur Gaddi is mostly surrounded by hills and greenery. It is a perfect place if you are a backpacker as this place is so welcoming and gives off a hippie vibe. The second unlike the first can be spent in nature’s lap admiring the hue some views that you are surrounded by. Begin the day with a hike on Matangi hill to grasp the whole magnitude of the place. Then rent a bike and explore the nearby Hanuman Temple, Pampa Sarovar, and Ganapati temple. Driving alongside the tranquil hills and green fields is an experience that one should not miss. Enjoy the taste of various cuisines ranging from Israeli, Mexican, Italian, etc at the local restaurants.
In the evening, sunrise can be seen the best at the nearby Sanapur lake. This gives a perfect end to this trip. After this, you can take the ferry back to Hampi and then take a bus to Hospet railway station. The transportation is very feasible as the buses are very frequent.

One can just spend his time in Hampi wandering in the streets and taking in the magnificent views. It is suggested for both solo travellers as well as for a group of friends too. Plan your vacation according to the constant music and art festivals that happen frequently to have utmost fun.


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