Meet This Internationally Acclaimed Kuchipudi Dancer From Ongole! HE Is Mind-blowing!


One glance at this person in the classical dance costume convinces them that the performer is a very graceful woman; except for the fact that the performer isn’t a woman at all. Haleem Khan, known for his grace and his convincing performances as a woman, is someone who has dedicated his life to the art of dance. When his feet touch the stage, his agility and finesse bind the audience to their seats and make them glue their eyes on him. A little research about him made us realize there was a lot interesting about him. Here’s what we learnt about him!


Haleem Khan is originally from Ongole from a Muslim background. This is intriguing because of his ventures as a guy into a traditionally Hindu dance form. Pretty challenging considering the conventional backdrop!


Chai Bisket Haleem


Guess what he says inspired him to learn the Kuchipudi dance form? K. Vishwanath Movies!
So all those who argue that movies are meant to only entertain and don’t influence people can suck on that!


Chai Bisket haleem 4


He believes that art knows no religion or gender. He takes pride in bringing back the age old tradition of Kuchipudi being performed by men impersonating a woman.


CHai Bisket Khan


He began training as a dancer since he was 8 years old. But, he did indeed face a backlash, and had to learn Kuchipudi secretly during his younger years.


Chai Bisket Haleem 2


It takes a lifetime to perfect one dance form, and Haleem has already begun to experiment! He has attempted fusion of Kuchipudi with French Ballet, Kuchipudi with Thai traditional dance form, Khon and also performed fusions of Annamacharya Keerthanas with Urdu Ghazals. Bold eh?!


Chai Bisket Haleem 3


Internationally, he performed for the Malaysia Telugu Association as well as the Singapore Telugu Association, besides performing at the International Cultural Show held at Lahore. Do you know how many performances he has already done across India?? Over 800!!



He really did amaze us! We wish Haleem Khan all the success in the world!


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