A Brief History Of The Legendary Hakimpet Airforce Station That Was Used During World War 2


Hyderabad is hub of many central government organisations and Hakimpet Airforce Station is one of it where thousands of fighter pilots and air cadets are trained. It houses the Fighter Training Wing, the Helicopter Training School, No. 43 Equipment Depot and ancillary units

Hakimpet airfield was used at the Second Globe War as a transportation airfield through the Elegant Air Power. When we obtained freedom, this was taken over from the Nizam of Hyderabad. However, after this accession of Hyderabad with its Native Indian Partnership, Hakimpet dropped into disuse.

Convention and Training Unit (CTU) was recognized in year 1951 to offer Martial Transformation Exercising to fresh aviators in IAF. CTU was relabeled as the Jet Training Wing (JTW) in year 1958 after it removed all propeller motivated airplanes. In July, year 1964 it was combined with JTW No. 2 (based in the Bidar) and got relabeled as the Martial artist Exercising Side. Hakimpet was improved to the full fledged ‘Air Power Station’ position in Dec of the year 1984. This Place Art gallery got recognized in year 2001.

Hakimpet today is one of the modern training platforms. Here aviators chosen for Martial artist Flow go through a 22-week term of coaching on the Polish-built ISKRA jet instructor airplanes. This term occurs after commissioning and is a prelude to extension of coaching on fast airplanes. Pilots chosen for Chopper Flow go through the term of 20 several weeks on HAL designed Chetak helicopter.


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