Reasons Why you Suffer from Hair loss and How to fix it!

Hair loss chala types, chala causes unnay. So pedda pedda treatments ki velley mundu, just know the causes.

Mainly 3 types andi
1.Genetic causes
2.Lifestyle factors
3.Skin Conditions


1.) Its in Your Genes Amma!

The most common type of hair loss is male pattern baldness. Baga tension ki juttu udupoyi batta antaru, its utterly wrong, its purely a gift from our ancestors 😛

Fixing: the most effective treatment for genetic loss is taking Finosteride drug ( commonly sold as Propecia ) this stops hair loss in 80% of men.

2.) Age baar avtundi mari

Unfortunately age factor ni andaru face cheyalsinde, both men & women lose some hair as they age.

Fixing: chala mandi old age lo anta cosmetic ideology lo undaru, lite teskuntaru. Inka accept cheyanivallu Minoxidil lotion and hair transplants ki vellalsinde.

Life style factors:

3.) You are not eating right!

Mana body lo anni parts la mee hair also need some nutrients, to grow and stay healthy. Sudden weight loss, low iron in diet, can lead to hair shedding

Fixing: Eat healthy and well balanced diets. Kidney beans and lentils are a great start.

4.) You are greatly Stressed:

Manam anukune danikanna stress valla ocche hair loss chala takkuve. We exaggerate everything amma. There is only one type of hairloss (Telogen effiuvium) caused by intense physical and emotional stress.

Fixing: Cut the crap, life lo kashtalu normal ey, eppudu dani gurinchi alochana undakudadu. Take regular exercises and sleep early.

5.) Your hair is too tight:

Mudlu eskotam, bun lu pettatam elantivi ekkuva cheyyakudadu. Veeti valla roots damage avtay, which greatly shows shedding.

Fixing: Be sensible and avoid trying hair damaging trends that pull hair too tight. Use regularly shampoo followed by conditioners.

Skin & Scalp Conditions:

6.) You may have psoriasis:
Denney easy ga dandruff anukoni pappu lo kalu estaru, dandruff laane visible whity cells untay scalp mottam, temporary hair fall ostundi deni valla

Fixing: use AK-F shampoo or consult a dermatologist for medication.

7.) You may have Seborrheic Dermatitis :

This is generally not a harmful skin condition; sometimes found on scalp, with red patches that are itching. It is caused by inflammatory response in your scalp and causes hair loss.

Fixing: try maximum to avoiding scratching, which can cause secondary infection. Then consult a dermatologist

Hair loss happens to almost every man in some time in his life. Infact 50% of the men over 50 experience patterned baldness. Treatment are widely marketed these days, so first know the cause before starting any.

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